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One group of reprints I thought I would never see are Robert Silverberg’s “adventure” stories for the men’s adventure magazines. Bob Deis and Wyatt Doyle at New Texture proved me wrong. Exotic Adventure of Robert Silverberg is the latest single author collection from New Texture. Earlier this year, I wrote an issue by issue look […]

The fourth issue (June 1957) of Science Fiction Adventures had another cover by Emsh illustrating Harlan Ellison’s “Run for the Stars.” Algis Budrys makes his first appearance in Science Fiction Adventures with “Yesterday’s Man.” I enjoyed Budrys’ The Falling Torch, a novel of guerrilla warfare against occupying aliens. “Yesterday’s Man” is a post-apocalyptic story of […]

I first heard of “men’s adventure magazines” or “men’s sweat magazine” in an article by Will Murray for Cryptic Publications’ Shudder Stories No. 1 back in the mid-1980s.  Cryptic later did an one off imitation, Man’s Guts in 1989 (with a story by my friend Charles Hoffman).  I was familiar with the spicy pulps, the weird […]

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