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The term “cheapjack” is a late nineteenth century term used to describe travelling peddlers who sold cheap merchandise.  They were pretty much the Wal-Mart of their day, providing second rate goods, but at prices that served the poorer strata of society.  Cheapjack Pulp takes that word at attempts to reclaim it – unabashedly selling itself […]

Was Conan a murderer?  Pshaw, I say! When thrown out into the Twit-Box arena as red meat to the lions, the question of when Conan committed murder elicited two responses.  One of which was flat out wrong, the other of which…it’s complicated, baby. In the first case, The Tower of the Elephant, Conan most certainly […]

When I came cross an old hardcover copy of the Best of Cordwainer Smith at a nearby 2nd Ave. Value Store, I had never heard of any such author. Over the past couple of years, though, my adventures with Appendix N and similar canonical texts have taught me that this means little. It had an […]

Frequently, fans of the genre will lament that science fiction is dead.  I strongly disagree; there are still talented, imaginative writers producing worthwhile, even great work.  But in one regard, they are correct. Aside from a faint glimmer here and there, the science fiction short story has been snuffed out. Now, it’s not particularly illuminating […]

Like most here, I’m a fan of HP Lovecraft’s stories.  The imagination is astounding and the description vivid and memorable.  However, when I first read these tales a few years ago, I was most impressed by Lovecraft’s technical writing prowess.  He had a better, more articulate command of language than many serious dramatic writers possess, […]

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