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From a certain point of view, we are currently living in a great time for two of the most well-known science fiction franchises, Star Wars, and Star Trek. With Star Wars, we have several new films, at least one TV show, as well as comics and novels—and more is announced seemingly every week. And with […]

I pride myself on being able to understand the fandom for various media despite not caring for them.  I despise Stranger Things, but I see why others like it.  I don’t hate Star Trek, and have even liked some of its properties, yet I have never understood how it becomes such a beloved, enormous franchise.  And […]

Another day another nontroversy, with the usual crowd this week cheering the announcement that the next Doctor Who protagonist will be a woman and simultaneously gnashing their teeth at the mouth-breathers who aren’t ready for a Strong Woman Doctor! Meanwhile the rest of us carry on not watching Doctor Who and not caring much either way. […]

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