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There is a type of adventure story that is an off-shoot of the western set in Mexico in the early 20th Century during the Mexican Civil Wars. Frank O’Rourke’s The Professionals might be the first of those. Originally published as A Mule for the Marquesa in 1964, it was filmed as The Professionals in 1966 […]

At first glance, they don’t have much in common.  One deals with the future, the other with the past.  One with alien civilizations and another with eminently familiar human ones.  One with advanced science, and the other with nothing more complex than saddle bags and .45 Colts. And yet, there is a lot of similarity, […]

I am far from the first person to note that role-playing games, especially fantasy RPGs, do not bear a strong resemblance to the literary sources most often referred to, Epic Fantasy. While fantasy games may be filled with dwarves, orcs, elves, and goblins during play the characters do not act as if they were on […]

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