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We are pleased to finally be able to announce the release of Volume I in our annual military science fiction anthology series, RIDING THE RED HORSE. The collection consists of 24 short stories and essays, which cover a wide range of history from the Battle of Leuctra to galaxy-spanning space empires in the far future.  […]

Jessie Rennie’s grand experiment fusing science fiction and philosophy moves boldly into its second phase, and the resulting reaction – if not exactly stellar in its synthesis, or nuclear in its power, is still good enough to spark off a few neurons. Only a few neurons, because the bulk of these tales seem to end […]

Noah Berlatsky at the Atlantic declares science fiction dead of terminal nostalgia: Poor George Orwell wants his panopticon back. He also quotes an important fresh voice* in science fiction that: “we will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now and can see through our fear-stricken society and […]

The Nexx Timecasters saw clearly that that tampering of prior eras were all part of a grand pattern of confusion; that any effort to manipulate reality via temporal policing was doomed only to further weaken the fabric. When you patch time, you poke holes in it; and patching the patches makes more holes, requiring still […]

Asteroid Mine He was Leia. His robot’s twin was captained by an incompetent but friendly woman with an unfortunate name: Charity Stump. Stump’s inability to read the basic geographical details of a lightwave scan made him – Bruce Newborn – nervous. After all, if someone like her had qualified to take his counterpart position, how […]

Had the robust seeds of magical realism not been planted in such infertile ground as Marxian social “development,” the genre might have become much more than the parochial domain of only one of its early masters (Specifically: Borges, the only author of such literature whose talent for the truth superverted the mandatory “literary Leftism” of […]

The funny thing about this game is that, in many ways, it’s one that I’ve already been playing for years. It takes the Basic and Expert D&D sets of my youth as a starting point and then develops from there. I’ve said before, those sets are the purest, most refined, best designed iteration of the original […]