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Dismal Disney (Arkhaven Comics): Anyway, thanks to his budget cuts rioting has become a regular occurrence at Disney World.  There have been three this year.  Mostly, it came down to bad crowd control at various events.  I will say that again, there was bad crowd control at Disney World.  In 2019 there was no company on Earth better at handling […]

I wrote about Grady Hendrix’s Paperbacks from Hell almost four years ago. There are now some reprints of horror paperbacks as a result of that book. Valancourt Books started a Paperbacks from Hell reprint series. I had heard about T. Chris Martindale’s Nightblood and had planned on ordering it. I stopped at the local Barnes […]

Last time, we watched as Doc Savage faced off against his most fearsome foe, the Rasputin-like John Sunlight. While the clash of intrigues did reveal many of Doc Savage’s virtues, such as the observation powers of Sherlock Holmes, the physical prowess of Tarzan, the Christliness of Abraham Lincoln, and a leavening of Percy Fawcett’s adventurousness, […]

Silver strikes, obsidian dragons, time-lost Rangers, and spirited-away armored soldier fill this week’s new releases. The Book of Joe (Forgotten Ruin #5) – Jason Anspach and Nick Cole A Ranger is Forged. The next chapter in the war against Sût the Undying and the Nether Sorcerer unfolds against the backdrop of what it takes to […]