Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 04 December 2021

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Silver strikes, obsidian dragons, time-lost Rangers, and spirited-away armored soldier fill this week’s new releases.

The Book of Joe (Forgotten Ruin #5) – Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

A Ranger is Forged.

The next chapter in the war against Sût the Undying and the Nether Sorcerer unfolds against the backdrop of what it takes to become a U.S. Army Ranger.

The Rangers’ next objective takes them on an odyssey of desperate survival and relentless combat through the Desert of Sleep, a savage and strange land… and a gateway to hell. Here the forces of Darkness fester, here the elements of the Rangers must go on the ultimate patrol, and here is where…

…the End War begins.

Forever (Forgotten Space #4) – M. R. Forbes

As a development platform for desperately needed advanced technology, the experimental starship Foresight is the greatest hope humankind has to flee the alien hordes. For test pilot Captain Nicholas Shepherd, the success of the program is even more personal. Successful completion means delivering his wife and son safely off-world and leaving the war behind for good. But when Foresight suffers a critical malfunction during her final scheduled flight, what should have been a minor setback becomes a major fight for survival.

Joined by an unintended crew of survivors, Nicholas is about to embark on an impossible mission that will take them far beyond the outer reaches of space. If he fails, humankind won’t just be lost.

Now crippled and left for dead, Nicholas and his crew find a glimmer of hope in an unexpected new ally. Down but not out, if they want to finish what they’ve started they’ll need to return to Earth. Only it’s not the Earth they knew and the hardest battle is still to come.

If they can survive long enough to fight in it…

Junkyard Raiders (Junkyard Pirate #5) – Jamie McFarlane

On the pastoral, backwater planet of Fimil Alpha, something or someone is eradicating the tribespeople of the Gauder Plains. Back on Earth, Albert Jenkins and his crew are enjoying the short-lived fame that accompanied their last adventure. What they don’t know is that by bringing back life-saving technologies to Earth, they’ve made powerful enemies who will do anything to see them quieted forever.

With a target on their back, AJ’s team needs to make themselves scarce. The problem is they have no idea of the brewing crisis. Fortunately, or possibly to their great harm, a quick-thinking US Army Intelligence officer makes a deal with highly advanced aliens to remove his team from danger. What she doesn’t know is that AJ’s team will be placed at ground zero of the emerging alien invasion.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire seems about right to AJ and his friends. Not prone to complaining about injustices done to them, they are quickly absorbed by the developing hostilities on Fimil Alpha when they bear witness to the eradication of their new, peaceful neighbors.

Can this small team of old vets stand in the way of yet another alien invasion? Or will they just be yet another casualty in a war that’s just barely started?

Light Unto Another World #4 – Yakov Merkin

While their mission to stop the other Swords from claiming the Sigil or Unity was a success, war is still coming, and preparations must be made if they’ll stand any chance at all.

With the odds so heavily stacked against them, Uriel Makkis made a choice.

He has introduced the technology of firearms to his friends and allies.

Following their return to Valtenar, Uriel and his team throw themselves completely into the war preparations, with Uriel finding himself falling into a greater position of leadership than he had planned on, but it is a role he can accept.

However, Uriel is not only utilizing his knowledge of technology from back home; he intends to draw on additional knowledge, so help his demi-human friends, people whom he has come to identify with, reclaim their place on this world.

But before any of that, he and his team must survive an unplanned adventure that brings with it an entirely different set of dangers, and new foes.

The Lost Barrier (Lost Starship #15) – Vaughn Heppner

At Omicron 9, Professor Ludendorff unearthed artifacts of the fabled Old Ones. During a meeting in a subterranean chamber, a portal appeared and aliens attacked, perhaps to kidnap the professor or grab the artifacts. Maddox’s new intuitive sense gave him just enough warning. He saved Ludendorff and rushed into the portal to forestall any more assaults—and thus began his lonely odyssey from one strange place to another.

Maddox eventually found a Builder potential unit, and they resolved to work together. But the unit betrayed him and then Victory, taking them to a system where Maddox had already been, one behind an impenetrable barrier and possessing an ancient power.

Maddox and Victory were outmatched and outgunned, facing aliens wielding super-science weapons. But if the captain ever wanted to see his wife and daughter again, and stop Lisa Meyers from her ongoing genocidal plans against humanity, he was going to have to solve an eon-old mystery and defeat every extraterrestrial bastard that got in his way.

The Obsidian Dragon (The Dragon Thief #4) – D. K. Holmberg

Ty stopped the danger to the kingdom but a new danger emerges.

While trying to understand his Tecal connection to the smoke dragon, Ty knows Lothinal have not abandoned their plans. Roson James has been stopped but not defeated, and now the Dragon Touched are compromised.

The key to protecting the kingdom is mastering his dragon connections, but the smoke dragon remains elusive and Ishantil is simply too powerful.

Finding understanding means chasing the Flame—and the possibility that he might be more than a Tecal. Ty must succeed or Lothinal will destroy not only the kingdom, but the power of the Flame itself.

The Signal – Joshua T. Calvert

A mysterious signal, A start-up that wants to change the world, A future that no longer belongs to us.

When a stranger with a high-tech implant is found in the remote Finnish wilderness, neurosurgeon Bill and his computer scientist friend Steve see an opportunity. But they don’t know what powers they’re up against. They soon must ask themselves what moral boundaries they’re willing to cross in order to succeed.

Ten years later, the world has changed. Airships roam the skies, strange plants grow in the forests, and entire swaths of land are deserted.

In the midst of this alien world, a father and daughter struggle to survive in the mountains of Montana and avoid being discovered by “The Others.” One thing is clear: Humanity’s future depends upon deciphering the mysterious signal.

Silver In The Stones (Ames Archives #5) – Peter Grant

What comes with a silver boom? Backstabbers, claim-jumpers and con men – and that’s just the start.

Walt Ames is working hard to keep his horse ranch afloat and his transport business in motion when silver is discovered on his property. It’s going to take cunning, determination and more than a little luck to investigate the claim while others are trying to kill him for it.

Can he keep his business and integrity intact, or is everything Walt loves going to fall prey to the perils of a silver rush?

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