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Horror (Scream Archive): For this list, I’m focusing on ten of the best writers of terror who directly preceded or were contemporaries with HPL. Most of these authors had a direct impact on what would soon come to be known as the “Cthulhu Mythos.” And even those who didn’t would soon see literary (and eventually […]

Howard A. Jones’ For the Killing of Kings is a fairly recent fantasy novel. I have known Howard for around 23 years when he first contacted me. I was the Official Editor of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association at the time and he told me he wanted to be to Harold Lamb what […]

January is a season for resolutions. Not just the New Year’s attempts to chart courses, but also in conclusions. And in the indie world, many popular series are concluding, including the popular litRPG series, Viridian Gate Online. Since December 2016, nearly twenty books across a half dozen plotlines have woven a tale of three million […]

His name is Remo, and he is a new release, alongside the finales for the Viridian Gate: Online and Ember War series, and more. Dragonskull: Shield of the Knight – Jonathan Moeller Dark magic hunts a young knight. Gareth Arban is now a knight of the Northerland, riding to escort his friend Prince Tywall to […]

What is science fiction? Perhaps no more loaded question about the genre exists. Everywhere from fanzines to forums, newspapers to Facebook, in 280-character tweets to long-form essays, no other topic in science fiction generates such fervent and fevered discussion. What makes Star Trek science fiction while Star Wars is not, and vice versa? Why did […]

Review (With Both Hands): The Book of Joe , the fifth entry in the Forgotten Ruin series, offers us a trip through a mythic underworld, some serious Rangering how-to, and giggling legionnaires. You’ve got to check this out.   When we left off in Lay the Hate, Talker had jumped into the swirling maelstrom of […]

An area of interest of mine is the story of members of the U.S. military that escaped the Japanese in 1942 in the Philippines and became guerrillas. We Remained by Russell Volckmann is the fourth first person account I have read. I have also read two first hand accounts of being prisoners (including Gen. Wainwright’s […]

Twenty-two months after the fall of Alness, the Mongoose and Meerkat have been hired to lay claim to the salvage of a wrecked ship. In “Wreck of the Cassada”, Jim Breyfogle continues the Mongoose and Meerkat’s grand tour of exotic locations, this time under water, as the duo is hired to claim the shipwrecked hulk […]

Ring in the new year with daring daylight raids, ancient hidden temples, and a touch of sidearms and sorcery. Awaken Online: Happy – Travis Bagwell Pain. Chaos. Happiness? Dominic Hart was screwed. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, no money for treatment, and an athletic scholarship hanging by a thread… he didn’t have many options. But the […]