Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 1 January 2022

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Ring in the new year with daring daylight raids, ancient hidden temples, and a touch of sidearms and sorcery.

Awaken Online: Happy – Travis Bagwell

Pain. Chaos. Happiness?

Dominic Hart was screwed.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, no money for treatment, and an athletic scholarship hanging by a thread… he didn’t have many options. But the university clinic had offered him a free videogame. Some sort of “therapy,” they said. A way to while away the hours until he kicked the bucket. Yay.

What Dom wasn’t expecting was to get swindled by a surly casino owner right out of the gate. Or get dropped in a backwater hellhole voted the “#1 worst starting location in Awaken Online.” That might have been because a videogame mafia controlled the city. Or maybe it was because even the plant life could kill you. Regardless, his shit luck had obviously tagged along for the ride.

But that’s life. The odds are stacked in the house’s favor, you’re running out of chips, and you have to decide to hit or fold. For Dom, he decides to go all in. What does he really have to lose?

It’s just his life and happiness hanging in the balance.

Elf Hard – Daniel J. Davis

When the terrorists took over Santa’s Village, they never counted on the misfit human.

Orphaned, alone, and raised by elves, Rocco never had it easy. It made him tough.

He was perfectly content with a quiet life of making toys at the North Pole.

Then the terrorists came.

Now alone, outnumbered, and outgunned, Rocco is determined to save Christmas.

No matter how many terrorist scumbags he has to bury first.

John Sinclair: Demon Hunter #5 – Jason Dark

1977 is a strange year. Things beyond human understanding have begun to surface, threatening the peace and leaving behind an endless trail of blood. When such incidents arise, it is down to Scotland Yard’s Special Division and their Demon Hunter in residence, John Sinclair, to set things right. But Sinclair is haunted by demons of his own, ones which rival the dark forces attacking innocents around him. Can he conquer one to vanquish the other?

Demon hunting might be dangerous work, but it comes with travel benefits! John Sinclair and Suko travel to Greece in pursuit of a mysterious magician and the secrets of Atlantis! But even the Mediterranean depths are full of threats… Bound by a promise, the gang return to Britain to slay a vampire coven, before taking flight for New York! But with the meter running on a cursed taxi, will Sinclair make it to Romania in time to prevent Dracula’s descendants from rising again – or will a certain Impaler beat him to it?

Light Unto Another World #5 – Yakov Merkin

While the Kingdom of Valtenar and its demi-human allies have won a decisive victory over the numerically superior forces of the Kingdom of Fulnar, the war has only just begun.

This fact is one that Uriel Makkis will not let himself forget.

With no real way to match the enemy in numbers, the elven and demi-human armies must rely on clever tactics and technological advances to even the odds.

For Uriel, that means drawing on more technology from back home.

However, even as this work continues, and smaller-scale battles are being fought, there are signs that the war is taking on a new dimension, a religious one.

As if Uriel needed another reminder of things back home.

And just like back home, Uriel, knowing he is on the right side, and doing the work of the One True God, will do everything in his power to defeat any new foe that arises.

But not alone, of course; with his team forging itself into an ever more effective fighting unit, it would take something powerful indeed to stand in their way.

The Next Crusade (The Lunar Free State #5) – John E. Siers

Another Crusade for the Lunar Free State!

After years of planning, the Lunar Free State is going to war, on a crusade to liberate the people of Tatanna from the evil Bugs.

For Lorna Greenwood, this will be a trial by fire—her first mission with her own command, the Predator-class destroyer LFS Lynx. She’s looking to get some payback for her last trip there eight years ago, which didn’t end well.

For Nova Sakura, it will be a time for action with the Marines down on the planet, a time to take care of unfinished business and make good on the promises she was forced to leave the locals with on her first trip to Tatanna.

But the Bugs aren’t the only enemy the Lunar Free State has to face. While they’re fighting to liberate a planet fifty light years away, someone else is planning to hit them a lot closer to home.

Out of the Deep (Hero’s Metal #2) – T. J. Marquis

Pierce and the heroes of Gorgonbane defeated the subterranean conqueror Kash one year ago. Since then, monster infestations have increased a hundredfold. It’s good for business, but bad for the citizens of the reluctantly joined nations.

When a strange new entity crashes a dangerous extermination mission, everything falls into chaos.

Revelations about the world and whispers of a new form of magic litter the path from doom to an unexpected beacon of hope.

What is the Underlord Kash’s prophesied threat? Can Gorgonbane save the continent from destruction? And who will Pierce have a crush on next?

Perry Rhodan NEO #5: Expedition Vega – Frank Borsch and Christian Montillon

With Arkonide technology in the hands of the US army, Perry Rhodan and his team mount a dangerous recovery mission. Disguised as the president himself, Rhodan brings alien Thora da Zoltral and telepath John Marshall straight into enemy territory to steal back a starship that far exceeds any of Earth’s capabilities. But can they deceive one of the president’s oldest friends?

Back in the nascent city of Terrania, supplies are scarce. What should be the gateway to the stars is still a building site where volunteer workers survive on meager rations. New arrivals Julian and Mildred soon find their disappointment replaced with awe, however, as they meet some of the city’s strangest residents—and when a theft occurs, they step up to help Bull find the perpetrators. Meanwhile, Crest learns that his true reason for traveling to Earth is not as secret as he thought…

The world is in chaos and suspicions abound as mankind inches ever closer to the dream of the stars.

Sidearm & Sorcery #1 – edited by Bryce Beattie

In the modern world, paranormal dangers lurk all around. When there is no chosen one to be found, no altruistic half-vampire around, and no superheros flying overhead, it’s up to average people to do the business of defeating evil. They have no powers, no prophecies, and all the odds are stacked against them.

An army helicopter pilot has a harrowing experience with a mind-controlling sorcerer in Vietnam. Several years later, the sorcerer has resurfaced, but will this wild chance at revenge end in tragedy?

A New Orleans Police Detective and an Exorcist join forces to rescue a young girl from the clutches of a demonic cult. The trail leads them into the bullet-riddled inner-city streets of the Big Easy where lives and souls are held cheap and rival gang-bangers wage a bloody race war.

After the show, a rockabilly drummer follows a girl who looks like she might be in trouble. The two are swept away into an unexplainable land, where existence turns in on itself.

A mysterious beast is preying on factory workers. A pregnant woman’s husband has disappeared. Can an outcast detective find him before it is too late?

…and more!

The Bizarchives: Weird Tales of Monsters, Magic and Machines: Issue #2 – edited by Dave Martel

The Bizarchives is back! In issue 2 we bring to you a dozen more strange tales from up and coming new authors in the genres of fantasy, sci-fi and cosmic horror. Several of your favorite authors from our debut issue return alongside some fresh faces making their debut in print. And to top it all off, this issue features full interior art from the mighty Donald Kent!

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