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Gaming (Jon Mollison): Miniature wargaming, fantasy or historical or sci-fi, can provide insights into the realities and complexities and challenges of conflict. And with greater understanding comes greater wisdom, and with greater wisdom comes a greater ability to find the often camouflaged path to peace. Besides, most of the guys who profess worries over wargaming […]

Issue number four of Men’s Adventure Quarterly is a “Jungle Girls” theme. I have reviewed previous issues of MAQ remarking on the incredible production quality. MAQ No. 4 is 144 pages with a mix of contents. Fifty-seven pages are devoted to Jane Dolinger. Dolinger was a travel writer from the 1950s to the 1970s. She […]

Anything (Full Murderhobo #2) – Dakota Krout An ever-expanding desert. A centuries-old curse. Enough power to change Anything. Luke is a straightforward man. There are only a few things he wants in life: levels, things to fight to gain levels, and finding Cookie so he can fight things more efficiently. Well, better armor might be […]