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One of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone T.V. Show is “The Howling Man.” It is episode number 5 from season 2 (1960). It is based on a story by Charles Beaumont. The story originally appeared in the magazine, Rogue, November 1959 issue. Rogue was one of William Hamling’s magazines published from the mid-1950s […]

Cinema (Inverse): In the ‘80s, failed genre films could also come across as sweet and well-meaning (1984’s Supergirl, for example). The best example is also the biggest flop of ‘80s sci-fi flicks: Krull. 39 years ago, Krull hit theaters at a time when no one was ready for it. Tonally, Krull is like an animated Disney film from the 1940s brought to life […]

Tales From the Magician’s Skull #6 is from 2021. A total of 80 pages, cover by Doug Kovacs featuring Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Six stories, editor introduction, and three articles present. John C. Hocking has been present in most of the issues with Benhus, the King’s Blade. Benhus has some magic wands inherited from […]

An Act of Aggression (The Terran Space Project #3) – Alex Rath Trying to make a new life among the stars… Captain Maxwell Reeves of the Terran Space Project’s Wormhole Traversal Project has overcome deadly plants and aggressive griffins, and he has begun to hope that the settlement on Mythos can now begin to grow […]