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A Dance of Devils –

A Dance of Devils

Friday , 21, June 2024 2 Comments

Mark Sibley’s follow up to Mongol Moon is A Dance of Devils.

After a Christmas Eve EMP attack blinds America and Europe, triggering a meticulously planned attack on the West’s civilian populations, only a ragtag team of neighbors stands in the way of a new Axis invasion.
Nuclear attacks wipe out city centers. Russian warships infest the Atlantic. Chinese tanks roll out of Baltimore’s ports with their sights set on Mount Weather—the bunker protecting the acting US President and what’s left of the tattered military command. Lieutenant Commander Joey Washington has information about the attack that might turn the tide of battle, but can she deliver it to the underground stronghold before the tanks come crashing in?

It seems every devil is descending on America to dance on her grave. She’s going to need a few devils of her own to survive.

The action moves along with guerrilla warfare in the American hinsterland and a Chinese expeditionary force landing in Baltimore headed to take out what is left of the U.S Federal government. Marines from Camp Lejeune are on the way. Also a parachute drop at a choke point.

This was another page turner. Now we have to wait for the third novel.

  • Natureboi says:

    We all thought John Ringo had retired

    If Russian and Chinese troops invaded America and cancelled pride month and tranny bathrooms, every American with an AR would celebrate.

    Also, Baltimore? Government? This is a joke right?

  • Dusty Roads says:

    If China destroyed Baltimore, would anyone notice? Who reads this neocon garbage propaganda in the current year lol

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