A Fond Farewell Friday

Friday , 7, June 2019 12 Comments

Where to even begin?

It’s been a tremendous privilege and an honor to have been a part of the Castalia House family.

Over the course of around three years, I’ve written somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 Short Reviews, Retro Fandom Fridays, and miscellany in an effort to give people an idea of what the stories in the pulps were actually like. That’s a lot of content in a seemingly short period of time!

I was here for one of our Hugo nods and even helped pull together the site’s nominee packet.

I can’t thank Jeffro Johnson & Vox Day enough for bringing me on-board and Doc for keeping me around when he took over for Jeffro.

Sadly, it’s time for me to say goodbye.

As the demands on my time from my own little publishing company and from my day job steadily increased, my column here will either become a drag on me or a drag on the site. The last thing I want to do is start phoning it in every week to meet a deadline; Castalia House’s readers and the pulp stories I review deserve better than that.

Short Reviews will go into reruns on Cirsova’s website and will pick up sometime in 2020.

Thank you again, to all of our fellow contributors and to all of Castalia House’s readers who tuned in every Friday to read about the pulps. You’ve been great!

  • Mark McSherry says:

    Thank you, Alex! I’m sure I’m not the only one to appreciate your work over the years. And good luck with your future ventures.

  • Scott Cole says:

    Alex – want to thank you as both a fellow CH blogger and as a reader for what you have done here and at Cirsova as I was exposed to great SF&F stories and as a bonus got to interview authors who consistently produce enjoyable stories.

  • JD Cowan says:

    Thanks, Alex. These were always a treat to read.

    Good luck!

  • John E. Boyle says:

    Thanks for your time and effort. Good Luck!

  • Verdier says:

    Good luck and best wishes in all your endeavors.

  • Jeff Johnson says:

    Thanks for joining up when you did. Halcyon days for sure! Good times.

  • Nathan says:

    Thank you for all the pulp reviews. I look forward to seeing what’s in Cirsova’s future.

  • Freddo says:

    Thanks for the posts & insights. The Castalia House blog has certainly been an eye opener.

  • Xavier Basora says:


    Thanks for the posts they’ve been stellar. Good luck with the magazine and the Stark reprints


  • Emmett Fitz-Hume says:

    Take care and good luck, Alex!

    Cirsova is awesome and I look forward to every issue.

  • Annison Blake says:

    Damn, all that work you did and the proprietor has nothing to say.

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