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Wednesday , 11, July 2018 Leave a comment

Bounding Into Comics reviews Chicago Typewriter: The Red Ribbon by Brandon Fiadino.

When I first picked up Chicago Typewriter, I was expecting some kind of hard-boiled, noir crime drama set in the 1920’s. What I got, however, was a hard-boiled, noir crime drama set in the 1920’s that also happened to be crawling with monsters, spirits, the afterlife, and a healthy dose of otherworldly horror. While it may not have been what I was expecting, it turns out that prohibition era storytelling does in fact improve when you fill it with ghosts, ghouls, and evil machinations of all sorts.

Things start out in an interesting, if a little bit of a confusing, fashion. A man by the name of Emilio Enzo, along with a few friends, are tromping about a cemetery in the middle of the night. Their purpose isn’t immediately clear, besides the fact Emilio wishes to be buried at the gravestone of one Remi Geroux. Things take a turn for the weird soon after that and it’s a roller coaster ride of crazy storytelling and outstanding artwork for the remainder of the trip.

This is the best rating that one of our comics have received to date – read the review to see – and while we can’t take any credit for creating Chicago Typewriter – all the credit goes 100 percent to Brandon Fiadino – it should demonstrate that we are as serious about our commitment to quality with Dark Legion Comics as we are with Arkhaven.

Chicago Typewriter: The Red Ribbon is now available in a gold logo print edition from Castalia Books Direct and in Kindle format on Amazon.

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