Advice from Hugh Howey

Saturday , 4, October 2014 1 Comment

The epublishing innovator offers advice to publishers:

It’s simple: Ask yourself what the customer wants, and give it to them. Stop running your business by the whims and needs of the middlemen. Treat writers and readers as well as possible, and refuse to do business with anyone who tries to squeeze you for making that decision. That means no windowing. It means free copies of the audiobook and ebook with the sale of every hardback. It means getting rid of DRM. It means ebook prices in the $5.99 – $6.99 range, even for new releases from top-selling authors.

That’s exactly what we are trying to do at Castalia. Our standard ebook price is $4.99, even for 850-page monsters like A THRONE OF BONES. We have never incorporated DRM in any of our books. And we hope to be responsive to the needs of our authors and our customers alike, as we know that there is no reason for Castalia House to exist without the support of both. As for free copies of the ebook with the hardcover,  AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND is enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program and the ebook can be obtained for free by those who have purchased the hardcover.

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