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ALT-HERO: Avalon and Soulsight –

ALT-HERO: Avalon and Soulsight

Thursday , 12, October 2017 1 Comment

Castalia House editor and Alt★Hero writer Vox Day recently revealed a new peak into the world of Alt★Hero, including news of a second title:

“First, we’re going to make a few changes to how we’re structuring the Alt★Hero stories. Mr. Dixon and I have had the chance to work out how we are dividing the storytelling responsibilities, and essentially, I’m going to go wide while he’s going to go deep. What that means is that while I’m building and describing the world through the initial six volumes, Mr. Dixon is going to be building and describing the central city of the Alt★Hero mythos, which he has named Avalon, as well as its regular inhabitants.

Avalon is our Gotham, and it is a major U.S. metropolis. Beyond that, I know very little and I’ll be looking forward to learning more about it just like everyone else. We’ve also decided to separate the stories into two lines, although we’ll be working in parallel and in more or less the same time frames, with certain characters, such as Soulsight, who will be appearing in both series. What that means is that Mr. Dixon will not be working on Alt★Hero Vols. VII, VIII, and IX per se, but rather, on the Alt★Hero series Avalon Vols. I, II, and III. That’s just a working title, of course, and we may end up naming his main series after one of the characters he creates, but you get the point.

“Jonathan Cooper, also known as Soulsight, is one of our first backer-created heroes. He has a powerful ability, but one that takes a tremendous toll on him and would render him of extreme interest to every government and international agency that knew of his existence. This is why he keeps to the shadows and prefers to keep his contact with individuals he does not know and trust to the barest minimum possible. But he is a core member of the loose collection of American vigilantes that includes Michael Martel, Ghostdancer, and Rebel, and could even be considered the most important member because he serves as its collective conscience.

“We are all damned. It’s just that most of you don’t realize it yet.”
– Jonathan Cooper

“And yes, this division of storytelling responsibilities means that Mr. Dixon and I intend to continue working on this together beyond the initial nine volumes. We will add a stretch goal at the 200k mark that would unlock Avalon Vols. IV, V, and VI. That’s very ambitious, of course, but we already have a fair amount of work to do and I have no intention of Star Citizening this creation. If you’re not already one of the 1,133 backers of Alt★Hero, I invite you to join this important new incursion into SJW-held territory.”

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  • David says:

    I wasn’t so sure Avalon would be a good name for a US metropolis, but there is a New Jersey borough called Avalon and an Avalon City in Los Angeles County California. So I can accept it.

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