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ALT-HERO: Hammer vs. Captain Europa –

ALT-HERO: Hammer vs. Captain Europa

Sunday , 22, October 2017 Leave a comment


Two new Alt★Hero Rewards that may prove to be of some interest to backers, especially to RPGers. But how would Hammer, who is American, ever happen to find himself in combat with Captain Europa of the EU’s Global Justice Initiative? Well, you’re going to have to read the comics to find out.

Add-On: Site Hero

Commenting on the Alt★Hero site will be limited to campaign backers and site subscribers in order to reduce the amount of vandalism. Site Heros will receive a subscription to the website, the ability to create new topics, the ability to edit the wiki (subject to moderator approval and discipline), a series of special icons available only to them, and a dedicated forum. Please note that those who use this Reward to infiltrate the site for the purposes of vandalism, politics, or social justice will be identified and stripped of both their backer and Site Hero status.

Role-Playing Game

A superhero role-playing game rulebook of an estimated 250 pages, set in the Alt★Hero universe and published in hardcover. The game will be written by an accomplished RPG designer with Chuck Dixon and Vox Day. (Note: it is estimated that the time required to create and test the game is about one year.) Backers receive the hardcover edition of the rulebook, a PDF version of the rulebook and PDF versions of all campaigns created for the Alt★Hero RPG published in the first year after the initial publication of the rulebook. RPG backers will also be provided exclusive access to a dedicated RPG forum on the Alt★Hero site where drafts and design ideas will be posted for discussion.

And yes, shipping is included for the RPG rulebook. Even if you live in Europe. Or Australia. And we will use Infogalactic to provide the engine for the Alt★Hero wiki. And the RPG designer is a very good one who absolutely knows what he’s doing.


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