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Announcing Castalia Deluxe –

Announcing Castalia Deluxe

Thursday , 21, November 2019 7 Comments

The much-anticipated monthly subscription to join the Castalia Deluxe Book Club and receive a deluxe leather-bound book published by Castalia House every other month is now available.

  • Genuine leather bindings
  • Gilded cover and spine titling
  • Gilded page edges
  • Archival-quality paper
  • First-rate fiction
  • Timeless classics of history, science, and philosophy

The first Deluxe Book Club book is the Deluxe edition of The Missionaries by Owen Stanley. And for the seriously hard-core book collector who has all the Franklin Signed First Editions, it’s also possible to sign up for the limited-edition Library subscription.

Just to be clear, Castalia Deluxe is the main product and the Deluxe editions are the focus of this project. The Library editions are an ancillary experiment we’re doing at the request of some very serious book collectors, and which the Deluxe editions make possible. In quality terms, we are targeting the late ’80s Franklin Library editions for our Deluxe editions, albeit with better cover designs.

  • Lourine Lagerlof says:


    Has book 1 shipped? I gave my address on 4/16/20 but have not received my copy yet.

    • Nathan says:

      With the current Coronavirus lockdowns, there have been delays with the leather. Please email voxday-at-gmail-com if you have further questions.

  • T D says:

    Received volume 1 “The missionaries”. I spent at least 5 minutes studying it. Looks great.

    • Ben Crites says:

      I understand there are delays, I’m just wanting to make sure my address was added when i emailed. Have not gotten a response.
      Should i expect an email confirmation or just be patient?

  • Stef Finley says:

    I ordered a copy of Meditations under the category “catch up” price of $250. Whenever I checked up on the status of the order it would show as “processing.”
    Recently, when I checked back in there was no record on my account. My credit card was definitely charged the $250. I’m concerned that my order has somehow been lost in the mix, OR I did something on my end that was insufficient to properly catch up for that individual book.
    Could someone please advise me as to what the next step would be to resolve this issue?

    Thank you so very much.

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