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Announcing Castalia House’s New Audiobook Division –

Announcing Castalia House’s New Audiobook Division

Thursday , 3, December 2015 7 Comments

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Many of our readers have requested audiobook versions of their favorite Castalia House titles; yet thanks to our small size and runaway success, we’ve been unable to dedicate the time and resources it takes to create the audio required.

No longer.

As of last week, I have been asked to take charge as audio producer.

This is a singular honor for me and a role I’m uniquely suited to fill. Though you may know me better as the author of Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting or our latest release Grow Or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening, when I’m not gardening or writing about gardening, I’ve done audio production.

I’ve worked in radio for eighteen years as a scriptwriter, audio editor, producer and voiceover talent – yet most of my work was related to advertising and talk radio, not science fiction, fantasy, military history, philosophy or SJW- slaying. Those are all much more fun than editing some boring speech on “15 Ways to Revitalize Your Marriage” or penning a script promoting a book about a half-way house using equine therapy to help troubled youth.

Seriously. Horse people are crazy.

We’ll be starting with the audiobook versions of Grow Or Die and SJWs Always Lie, then branching out into our catalog. I’ll also be posting some production updates and audio tips here on the Castalia House blog.

Stay tuned – audio is on the way.

-David The Good


Note: If you’re good at voice work, send in your demos to We’d like to have a group of talent we can pull from. Our standards are high so only send in your best work.

  • Astrosorceror says:

    One way you could use this to expand is to have YouTube or podcasts of the first chapter or so available, with a link to buy.

    Best of luck!

  • Paul Heitsch says:

    Hello. I was excited to learn about this new venture – thank you for posting, and congratulations! I am an audiobook narrator, with several bets-selling science fiction titles to my credit. You can see my listings on here –

    I would love to learn more about your audiobook productions, and to be considered to produce any titles for which you feel I;d be a good fit.


    – Paul Heitsch

  • Chiva says:

    Excellent news. Happy to hear audio versions are coming.

    Also, I very much agree with you statement of ‘Horse people are crazy.’

  • Amadan says:

    Will your audiobooks be available on Audible?

  • Dave Steffen says:

    What is the best way to search Castalia audiobooks only. I’d love to buy some but would like to know what is available

  • Elenor says:

    Huge problem though: HOW does one find the audio book section?! I wanted to locate the URL of (new audios of) the Wm Lind speech and Lind’s 4GW Handbook for a friend.

    Went to Castalia House Direct — tried the Bookstore tab at top. Nope. Searched for Lind: paperback book shows up; nothing else. Searched for ‘audio.’ Nothing.

    Tried Arkhaven Direct — nothing.

    Finally went to Google ({shudder}) and searched “Lind 4th Generation Warfare.” Don’t WANT to buy from Amazon (all that was offered), I want to buy direct. Castalia not listed. Tried “Castalia House audio books: and found this page.

    Came here. There is no way to find this from the main site. I also have not yet FOUND the Lind book — but y’all need to know that it’s worse than pullin’ teeth to find both audio books in general, and specifically Lind’s book and speech here!

    Help! Make it easier!

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