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Arkhaven New Release – Alt-Hero: Q #2: Not Dead Enough –

Arkhaven New Release – Alt-Hero: Q #2: Not Dead Enough

Saturday , 26, October 2019 3 Comments

Alt-Hero: Q #2: Not Dead Enough

After federal agent Roland Dane survives the successful assassination of the U.S. Secretary of State in Peru, he makes his way back to the United States in secret with the help of a mysterious organization opposed to the global establishment. But when a famous film star is reported dead just hours after the agent visits his house in the Hollywood Hills, Dane realizes that the reach of the evil that is hunting for him extends further than he had ever imagined.

Arkhaven Comics has assembled a first-rate production team to create the Alt★Hero: Q series, which explores the incredible QAnon phenomenon that is sweeping the planet. Set in the superhero world of Alt★Hero, Alt★Hero: Q is an astonishing action tale of unflinching everyday heroes taking down corruption and evil on a global scale.

The CBZ file contains high-quality 2048 x 1316 images. Kindle format is 1280 x 800. AH:Q #2 is now available at Arkhaven Comics. Available soon on Amazon. AH:Q backers, please check your email.

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