Arkhaven: Once More, This Time With Color…

Friday , 26, January 2018 2 Comments

Thanks again to all the backers of Will Caligan’s Comic! The campaign just passed the $35k mark, which means that both graphic novels will be colored. A really good colorist has come forward to work on this, which means they are going to look exceptional.

Now, here is the interesting question. Since Swan Knight’s Son appeared to be the favorite of the backers thus far, Vox Day sent a copy to Chuck Dixon to see if it would require five or six issues to adapt properly, thinking that this might leave two issues free for a novella or a pair of one-offs. Such as, perhaps, One Bright Star or The Wardog’s Coin. Chuck’s opinion was that the book would actually work best as four issues, which means that if the backers wish, all three books of the trilogy could be done in the space of the two graphic novels. Presumably Swan Knight’s Son and Swan Knight’s Sword, with Feast of the Elfs being divided between them.

Now, devoting both graphic novels to John C. Wright’s excellent fantasy series would probably disappoint those who would prefer to see The Stars Came Back or Rocky Mountain Retribution, but then, the campaign isn’t over yet, so it’s entirely possible that we’ll have 18 issues or more to contemplate; after all, we still have four days to go and Stretch Goal 4 is less than $15k away.

In any event, nothing has been decided, so we will leave these various possibilities to be discussed among those of you who have generously backed this campaign. Vox said the backers would make the decision and that is precisely how we will do it.

UPDATE: Stretch Goal 5 has been added. $57,500 means that Book #3 will be colored as well. If it requires less than six issues to convert a novel to graphic format, the extra issues will be based on shorter works and included in the Book (graphic novel).

  • Mark Thompson says:

    Is this a misprint in the freestarter page, that makes the comics look 10 pages shorter than your plan? … or am I misunderstanding something? “The precise size of the graphic novel will depend upon the novel adapted, but it is expected to be around 132 pages. Will Caligan’s comic will be published in a series of 22-page comics and as a single graphic novel, in black-and-white format with a full color cover. ”

    From what you’re saying here I gather the idea is 4 Comics = 1 graphic novel, and I notice that 4 times 22 is not 132. But 4 times 32 would be quite close; will the individual comics really be 32 pages?

    I only ask because I wouldn’t want the pitch to be understating the product inadvertently.

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