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We’re just about ready to proceed with our first print tests and we’ve already successfully constructed our first digital comic book, which is Quantum Mortis #1. We’re also very close to wrapping up the inkings on the first Alt★Hero and Avalon comics, so we should be in pretty good shape to hit our February time frame.

We probably won’t wait for the first print edition to come out before putting QM #1 up on Amazon; the question is whether to utilize KDP, Comixology, or both. KDP is a slam-dunk for us, so we’re interested in hearing how many of you who read digital comics use one store versus the other. Amazon owns both of them, so the difference will ultimately be moot, but for now we have to decide between KDP + Comixology, KDP + KU, or just KDP. We don’t see much benefit to KU with a 24-page comic, but then, this is an experiment and there is only one way to learn, right?

The digital version looks pretty snappy, We have to say. We chose a slightly larger font to make sure it was legible, and the bright colors really pop off the tablet screen. We’re breaking more than a few of the “rules” of modern comics here, particularly as it relates to the “less text more detailed pictures”, but then, what is the point of following the lead of people who are presently engaged in falling from the cliff from which they have leaped? The amusing thing about the “rules” is that a Marvel executive has publicly declared that there simply aren’t any artists whose names are significant enough to sell a comic on their own.

As always, it is the stories that matter, not the trappings that permit them to be told. And after the stories comes the characters. Whether the medium is visual or textual, there are always technicians who insist that the technical details are the most important element in determining success. And, as always, their self-serving assertions are totally incorrect.

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  • jic says:

    I’m currently about 30% through *A Man Disrupted*, and it seems like something that would translate very well to a comic, so I’m looking forward to it. I like the art style in the image. It may not be what’s currently fashionable, but is has a Silver Age-style charm.

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