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Arkhaven Special Freestartr Campaign for Will Caligan –

Arkhaven Special Freestartr Campaign for Will Caligan

Monday , 22, January 2018 Leave a comment

This is a special one-week campaign designed to provide work for Will Caligan, a military veteran, a Christian, and a comic artist who lost his publishing arrangement due to his willingness to stand up for his beliefs about right and wrong. (For more details about Will’s story, please read the article written by Megan Fox at PJ Media.) All of the funds raised will go to paying for the production of one or more comics illustrated by Will that will be published by Arkhaven. The graphic novel – or novels – will be based on novels chosen by the backers, and comics legend Chuck Dixon will be providing the adapted scripts for free. A Gold-rate team of colorists, Arklight Studios, will provide the colors for the cover at a steep discount.

The authors who have granted permission to utilize their graphic novel rights for this project are: Nick Cole (The End of the World as We Knew It), Peter Grant (Rocky Mountain Retribution) , Lawdog (The Lawdog Files), Rolf Nelson (The Stars Came Back), Kai Wai Cheah (Flashpoint: Titan), Rawle Nyanzi (Sword and Flower), and John C. Wright (Swan Knight’s Son). The choice of the novel to be adapted will be made by the backers in an email poll.

50 percent of the revenues from any subsequent sale of the comics and graphic novels will go to Will and to the direct contributors to producing the comic. (The author whose work is selected, the colorists, etc.) This does not include the Arkhaven team. For more details about the campaign and to view the backing options, please visit Freestartr. And please spread the word, especially on Twitter.

UPDATE: $15,000 in the first day! Thanks, everyone. Once more, you are exceeding expectations. And dramatically so. People in the comics industry are astonished by this.


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