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Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants –

Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants

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New Texture has been producing very well made books of contents from the men’s adventure magazines including story collections, themed anthologies, and art books. The newest is Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants. This is a themed anthology of weird fiction and “true stories” from 1953 to 1966.

The first three entries are non-fiction pieces. Mike Chomko and Stefan Dziemianowicz’s pieces are nice short histories on the pulp magazine Weird Tales. Wyatt Doyle and Robert Deis cover the weird in the men’s adventure magazines.


Author Title
Mike Chomko A Century of Weird Tales
Stefan Dziemianowicz Weasles Ripped Their Flesh!
Wyatt Doyle & Robert Deis A Turn for the Weird
Ronald Adamson The Flag of the Stonewall Brigade
Ward Semple When the Vampire Was Captured
Lewis Greer Vampires Ripped My Flesh
Bill Wharton Island of Doom
Robert Moore Trapped by a Man-Eating Tree
Manly Wade Wellman Song of the Slaves
H. P. Lovecraft Rats in the Walls
Gardner F. Fox The Man Who Couldn’t Die
Rick Rubin The Hunted
Stuart Evans The Werewolf and the Cowboy
Peter Eldridge Mad Doctor of No-Name Key
George Venner Her Body Belonged to the Devil
Dane Marshall Their Bodies Glowed With Fire
Theodore Sturgeon The Blonde With the Mysterious Body
William Bayne Fowl Play
Rick Manners Strange Cult of the Vampire Tarantulas
Martin Bowers Soft Nudes for the Nazis’ Doktor Horror
Geoffrey Costain Stone Age Lust- Today
Gene Preen Killer of the Cave

There are a few reprints including H. P. Lovecraft, Manly Wade Wellman, and Theodore Sturgeon. Readers also get a science fiction story by Gardner F. Fox, his only story ever in Adventure. As per usual, the MAM stories and “true stories” are short and fun. There are stories with werewolves, giant tarantulas, man-eating lizards, mad scienetists etc. This is 293 pages of short hits of entertainment. All stories have color reproductions of the original magazine cover appearances and interior illustrations.

Layout as general is excellent. The size of the print is enough that I don’t have to wear reader glasses!

You can get Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants in either hardback or trade paperback.

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