William S. Lind


WILLIAM S. LIND is one of the most significant and influential military theorists on the planet. The author of Maneuver Warfare Handbook and the leading founder of 4th Generation War theory, Mr. Lind is respected by military officers and political strategists all over the world. He is particularly well-regarded by the U.S. Marine Corps, with whom he has long had a close relationship. A former aide to two U.S. senators, Mr. Lind was a central figure in the military reform movement of the 1980s.

Books listed in blue text as links can be purchased in EPUB and Kindle format here at the Castalia House store.


  • David Wendt says:

    I purchased a Kindle copy of “ON WAR: The collected columns of William S. Lind 2003-2009″ and also “Victoria” by Thomas Hobbes. Is there any way to get these issued in EPUB or PDF format, or do I need to purchase them again?

  • Avalanche says:

    On this page: http://www.castaliahouse.com/authors/william-s-lind/

    It still shows: 4th Generation Warfare Handbook (coming 2015)
    (and no link).

    I’m (once again) struggling to sweep up the URLs to refer people to, for buying Lind’s book in whatever form they wish…

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