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AVID Assistant Kickstarter: The Trailer –

AVID Assistant Kickstarter: The Trailer

Wednesday , 4, March 2015 8 Comments

I had planned to write a longer piece this week, but I learned more about video editing than I ever wanted to.

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Video editing is an arcane art. I’ve learned more about frame rates, color spaces, audio synching, and the fact that different editors and recording setups output to different codecs that the others can’t read than I’d believed possible.

It’s all worth it, though…

This isn’t a perfect trailer video – as I’ve learned more, there are things I’d’ve done differently on the storyboard.  I’d’ve bought the music first and had the animator working with the music in the background as he set up the renders.  I’d’ve been much more explicit on some instructions…and had this run a bit longer for the time.

However, “better than” is the enemy of “good enough” and this is definitely good enough to spark interest.

The Kickstarter should be running by the end of the week – I have to take what I learned doing this to make the pitch video and re-vamp the prior video into a show-and-tell on the program.

  • Daniel says:

    Honestly, I’m crazy about the brevity.

  • Ken says:

    Of my post, the video, or both?

    I figure that if I’m writing something here, I should be giving you guys at least 800 words a week of something interesting.

    • Daniel says:

      The video. Go as long as you like on the posts.

      It is just that I like when trailers tease, and the thing this one does is emphasize the firing angles possible. That’s the killer bit for me. What sold me on Space Hulk wasn’t the scenario, back story or any Warhammer stuff (because I wasn’t into it). What sold me was the single unique concept of Overwatch.

      Firing angles to me seems to be AVID Assistant’s Overwatch.

  • VD says:

    It looks and sounds great, but are you going to have anything about the game itself in the video?

    • Ken says:

      Yes. I’m re-shooting the talking-head part of the video today after getting feedback from yesterday’s trial balloon. Changing some wording, and adding a section called “Tell me about your games.” Putting a stronger call to action at the end.

  • Ken says:

    Revised preview is up – feedback welcome.

    • Daniel says:

      A few things:

      I like that the simulation is broken up through the video, but I’d like you to work in the complete 26 seconds of it at the end for effect.

      Some of the explanatory monologue would benefit from segment subtitles. Not captions, just single header guide words (such as “Helper Application” and “3D Tabletop Game”)

      A photo of the Squadron Strike game itself and Attack Vector Tactical very early in the film would be helpful, too.

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