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Based Fall Book Sale –

Based Fall Book Sale

Saturday , 10, September 2022 1 Comment

Some complain about the culture. Others do something about it.

Support non-woke authors and get yourself some great books from both established and emerging talent for only $0.99 – many titles free! It’s a sale too big for just one blog post, three sales in one!

It’s that time of year again, where author Hans G. Schantz (of The Hidden Truth series) brings together an ever-increasing band of authors for one of the largest sales in science fiction and fantasy. Featuring a wide assortment of conservative, centrist, and just plan apolitical writers, this Fall’s sale celebrates not only the vast array of independent and small publisher fiction not subject to the insanity of New York trends, but also the return of BasedCon.

And, most importantly for readers, hundreds of titles are offered, all either 99 cents or free. This sale is usually a weekend sale, but individual authors may choose to extend the savings even longer.

Many of these books have been reviewed here at the Castalia House Blog and at Upstream Reviews. Many more appeared on the weekly Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases lineup. And many classics are offered thanks to the Baen Free Library. Terror House and Arkhaven Comics join Baen in the sale as well.

Particular favorites of mine are Fenton Wood’s Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves, Brian Niemeier’s Nethereal, Declan Finn’s Hell Spawn, James Alderdice’s Brutal, Yakov Merkin’s Light Unto Another World, and Alexander Hellene’s The Last Ancestor.

Other notable authors joining the list are John C. Wright, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Kit Sun Cheah,  Hans G. Schantz, David Humphreys, Robert Kroese, Jon del Arroz, Peter Grant, N.R. LaPoint, T.J. Marquis, James Alderdice, Jonathan P. Brazee, Neovictorian, Adam Furman, John Taloni, Francis Porretto, John Ringo, Alexander Hellene, Christopher G. Nuttall, J.D. Cowan,  and Hawkings Austin. And that’s just from the Fan Favorites post.

Check out the full selection from the master list at Hans G. Schantz‘s blog.

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