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Bio-Bibliographies: The Max Brand Companion –

Bio-Bibliographies: The Max Brand Companion

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Frederick Faust (1892-1944) was one of the kings of the pulp magazines. He is best remembered for his pseudonym “Max Brand” today. He had 900 copyrights to his name. He is generally associated with the western genre, but he wrote in other genres including detective, historical, spy/espionage, boxing, aviation, nautical, tropical adventure, dogs, horses, and a few fantastics. He created the character “Dr. Kildare.”

The Max Brand Companion edited by Jon Tuska and Vicki Piekarski with contributing editor Darell C. Richardson is a handy bio-bibliography from Greenwood Press (1996). It is a whopping 547 pages.


Introduction –   Jon Tuska

Biography and Tributes

Destry and Dionysus – Martha Bacon

The Letters of Frederick Faust – William A. Bloodworth, Jr.

A Sketch of My Life – Frederick Faust

The University Years – Harvey Roney

Faust’s Military Interlude – Gilbert J. McLennon

Bohemian Days on Grub Street – John Schoolcraft

More on Frederick Faust – John Schoolcraft, compiled by Darrell C. Richardson

Fictional Authors “Portraits” of Frederick Faust’s Personae, from Street & Smith’s Western Story Magazine

Heinie – Carl Brandt

Frederic Faust: An Appreciation – Walter Morris Hart

A Farewell to Max Brand – Steve Fisher

My Father – Jane Faust Easton

Frederick Faust as I Knew Him – Robert Easton

Frederick Faust, Soldier – Herbert Wadopian

A Hero’s Death: New Facts on the Last Hours of Frederick Faust – William F. Nolan

Letters of Robert and Jane Easton from LOVE AND WAR

Ritorno – Adriana Faust Bianchi


Frederick Faust: A Bibliography

A Faust Filmography

About Frederick Faust – William F. Nolan

Fan Publications – David L. Fox

The Multiple Worlds of Frederick Faust – William F. Nolan

The Fun of Collecting Faust – Samuel A. Peeples

My Faust collection – Darrell C. Richardson

Belles Lettres and Literary Criticism

Fiction and Poetry by Frederick Faust

The House of Rulaki


The Second Chance

Dr. Kildare’s Dilemma: A Fragment

Eagles over Crooked Creek


The Quotable Faust compiled by David L. Fox and William F. Nolan 

Literary Criticism 

Twenty-Five Million Words – Edward H. Dodd, Jr.

Strength!: Some Impressions of Max Brand – Chester D. Cuthbert

Your Forte Is the West – William A. Bloodworth, Jr.

Frederick Faust’s Western Fiction: An Overview – Jon Tuska

Some Thoughts on Realism in Faust’s Westerns – Leo A. Heztler

One Man’s Faust – Dwight Bennett Newton

The Life and Works of Max Brand – Darrell C. Richardson

A Sexual Perspective in the Works of Max Brand – Jack Ricardo

Comments on Jack Ricardo’s “Sexual Perspective” Article: A Symposium – Leo Hetzler, William F. Nolan, and Ed Gorman

Shakespeare’s Presence in Faust’s Western – Leo Hetzler

The Making of a Medical Man: Max Brand’s Young Dr. Kildare – Susan Zodin

Thought on Max Brand’s THE GARDEN OF EDEN – Leo A. Hetzler

The Fantasy of Frederick Faust – Darrell C. Richardson

Forever Untamed: Faust’s Indian Fiction from “Beyond the Outpost” to the Red Hawk Trilogy – Edgard L. Chapman



About the Editors and Contributors

I like reading Frederick Faust. As Don Herron said to me when he reviewed a reprint of one of Faust’s detective novels, there is a smoothness to his writing. If one is interested in sampling Faust, University of Nebraska Press published The Collected Stories of Max Brand in 1994. It contains a mix of different fictional genres. Amazon has one copy left. There is also Max Brand’s Best Western Stories from Warner Books (1983).

Altus Press/Steeger Books has nine Faust titles in print including swashbuckling Tizzo stories in two volumes.

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    I am woefully under-read when it comes to Mr. Faust’s work, and I’ve only sampled his westerns.

    I’ll have to do something about that.

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