Bryce A Beattie’s Storyhack has Funded!

Tuesday , 6, June 2017 2 Comments

The all new pulp magazine Storyhack is a go!

Bryce A Beattie has the latest news at his blog:

We’re down to the last little bit for the StoryHack campaign on Kickstarter. We’ve hit and gone a little over the goal! Issue #1 is getting made. Thank you to everybody who has helped this happen. The pledges, the retweets, the posts, all of it. I’m blown away by all of the support. Any extra funds from pledges now will go toward making issue #2.

For more details on how this project came to be, check out this interview with Bryce over at Jon Del Arroz’s blog!

If you still want to get behind this effort… there’s only forty hours left to join the party.

If you ever heard the horns of Elfland dimly blowing…
If you ever wanted to carry a kicking, half-naked wench under your arm…
If you ever felt like detonating a nuclear weapon on R’lyeh…

  • NARoberts says:

    So what is the roundup now for venues that #pulprev people would like to read?

    We have:
    Lyonesse/Silver Empire
    Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

    and perhaps:

    Broadswords & Blasters?

    What else?

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