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Captain Europa makes his pitch –

Captain Europa makes his pitch

Tuesday , 3, October 2017 Leave a comment

And Dynamique is considering her options. We’ve got some very interesting new Alt★Hero developments we’ll be announcing soon, including at least one new stretch goal, although it is going to be a few days before we’ll able to add the various add-ons that people have been requesting. Don’t worry, we’ve got more than three weeks left, so there is plenty of time to straighten these things out.

We’re also interested in learning what size figurine between 8 and 10 inches would be of most interest to the Rebel backers. Remember, you can back the project for only $15 and you’ll receive the first SIX volumes of Alt★Hero in their digital format.

UPDATE: We’ve made some changes to the Rewards and stretch goals. We’ve decided not to wait to greenlight Paperback and Hardcover #2, both of which will include Volumes IV, V, and VI, so the two stretch goals are can now be considered preemptively reached. Both editions can be ordered now via the appropriate Reward level; Add-On: Paperback #2 is $30 and Add-On: Hardcover #2 is $65. Neither comes with anything else, but shipping is included.

We’ve also replaced the $70k stretch goal as follows:

Alt★Hero Novel
Castalia House will publish the first Alt★Hero novel, co-written by Vox Day and an author to be named when this goal is met. The book will be published in ebook, audiobook, and trade paperback editions.


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