Castalia House New Release: THE HERETICS OF ST. POSSENTI

Monday , 13, November 2017 3 Comments

Bishop Thomas Cranberry finds himself at a loss when he is confronted by a thief and realizes some disturbing truths about himself. The experience sends him in search of the men who are increasingly absent from the Church, who find themselves at a loss in a world that has gone increasingly feral, and who feel that they have nowhere to go and no one to whom they can turn for support. In listening to them and attempting to understand their plight, he finds an unexpected mission.

THE HERETICS OF ST. POSSENTI is for readers who want the backstory of the story and for those who want to know how one inspired man can make a difference in a fallen world. It is a novel for those who need inspiration to get them though the day and those who look for unusual ways to accomplish the mission. It is for people who understand and respect the old ways but know that sometimes a seed cannot grow without splitting the pavement.

Rolf Nelson is the author of BACK FROM THE DEAD, the first book in The Stars Came Back series. This is how Rolf described the connection between the two books:

The first book written in this series of related stories was The Stars Came Back. It had a small but important part played by a somewhat mysterious order of monks, the Order of St. Possenti. It was also said they had a small but significant role in the past as they helped save, metaphorically and physically, the fully self-aware AI aboard the warship Armadillo. It was an unusual order of monks, and it raised more than a few reader questions. It also piqued my own interest: how could such an order of rifle-toting Christian monks come into existence? A fascinating plot device to use as a fully developed entity, but… How?

So I set about exploring the idea. I learned much in the process about Christianity, Catholicism, popes, monks, schisms, and more. I hope you enjoy the results of that labor.

  • Xavier Basora says:

    Sounds like an awesome book I should check out.

    Just a small tidbit: St Possenti’s name after he took the vows is St Gabriel of our Lady of Sorrows.
    Sure you can call him St Gabriel Possenti too.
    Unofficially he’s a patron saint of handgunners because the Vatican hasn’t given the OK but popular piety will eventually convince the Vatican to authorize it.


  • Jon Mollison says:

    I’m enjoying the heck out of this book. On the surface, it’s about one man starting up a modern day military-religious order. But it’s really about something much, much deeper. With frequent digressions into modern life and the multitude of mutually contradictory roles men are expected to fill, it’s as much a philosophical primer for disaffected men. I’ll have a full review up once I finish it.

  • Man of the Atom says:

    Excellent read — bought it and could not put it down until the last paragraph. I want more of this!

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