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Welcome back, grognard-in-training. Last time we discussed the decision process you follow when choosing a new wargame project.  This time we discuss the first steps in constructing your wargame.  After you’ve run through the iterative process of choosing figures and a ruleset, and have the figures themselves in your hot little hands, it’s time to […]

To continue on the theme from my last article on morale, I want to touch on another area Wargames do not typically handle well–the setup. Major happenings before or leading up to a battle often determine the outcome far more regularly than the actual fighting. I was struck by this while reading Xenophon’s Anabasis, in particular […]

This game is not what you think it is. You’re going to sit down to play this one and you’re just  going to be shocked when it doesn’t play like Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander or Car Wars. The sequence of play is just brutal. I mean you’d think this should be like Federation […]

While I was enjoying the holidays here in the States over the last month, I was reminded how a “holy day” can have an effect on people’s moods: More thank-yous, more strangers holding doors, more patience, less eagerness to jump on small issues. Naturally this contrasts with the “normal” behavior we do witness—no matter the […]

Miniature wargamers are both blessed and cursed to live in a golden age of the hobby. Thanks to advances in material science and manufacturing, combined with the reduced cost of shipping and ease of cross-border payments, the cost and selection of figures available to wargames have never been better.  The revolution in self-publishing has led […]

I recently ran across Jakub Rozalski’s art and even though I’m not sure on how to categorize his work (Science Fiction, Fantasy, or a blend), I’m sure I enjoy it. The concept of fighting machines set in a fictional 1920’s Eastern Europe grabbed my attention. I thought a possible influence was the Gundam series but my son pointed out […]

Miniature wargaming would be the perfect hobby if it wasn’t for the steep learning curve.  It covers every hobby base. Consider that miniature wargaming:   is both a social and a solo hobby.  To get the most out of miniature wargaming, you need to find opponents against which to war, but before you can match wits over […]

This will not be a popular topic, but it is a serious one. While in my previous columns I have provided numerous examples of why Wargaming is awesome and great, today I’m talking about one of the darker sides of it. You get interested in it. You try it out a few times with a […]

Originally, I intended to highlight the Armies of Arcana rule set using an after action report format similar to Part 2 of this series. Events conspired to change my plans. First, my old Samsung Digimax was not up to the task of capturing details of small miniatures while simultaneously providing sufficient panoramic views.  Secondly, rookie […]

A friend and I recently tried Osprey Wargames fantasy wargaming rules, Dragon Rampant . We made a good choice. Dragon Rampant is quick to learn and easy to play, suitable for small games (30 or so figures to a side), though it is possible to scale up. I enjoyed the unit activation feature and the […]

Fans of World War II history, asymmetrical warfare, and microgames will rejoice: Brian Train’s The Scheldt Campaign is back! The Player’s Aid has the full scoop; what I find so intriguing is the Staff Card system: Each player has a C2 Level which represents the maximum number of Staff cards he may have in his […]

Kyle at Miniatures Market has this to say about the Band of Brothers system: I’m convinced this system is one of the only squad systems to effectively communicate genuine World War II period tactics, without silly gamey tactics or hundreds of pages of rules. It’s a ballet of bullets, armor, blood, and sweat, whirling around […]