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In my last article, I championed fluff as a force vital to Wargames individually and corporately, but fluff is not all good. The best and most successful Wargame systems are nearly generic, and the more specialized they get, the more constrained they must be in order to be functional—often to the point where they need […]

I’ve done a lot of talking about numbers and satisfying mechanics and accuracy and all manner of game components in this space, but almost nothing about the fluff. Does it matter whether a Wargame is set in the grim darkness of the far future or the chivalric past, whether a world of magic or hard […]

Around the beginning of the 20th Century there was a revolutionary painter entering the art world by the name of Pablo Picasso. His work is often studied on its own merit and looked at within the art world, but my favorite angle on his artwork is through the lens of the newest emerging art form […]

Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation is destined to become the essential reference and with Volume VI the most historically accurate game on the 1941 invasion of Russia. Historians, students, scenario and game designers will find the extensive data and the methodology to study modern conflict useful. For the lay […]

Okay, yeah… I took a solitaire game to board game night. I think this one’s so neat people need to see it, even if it’s just to try a couple of patrols. I have to say though, The Hunters is kind of unique in that people will ask you to bring it back for an […]

GMT Games’s much-anticipated Pendragon takes the battle-hardened COIN-system that’s been used to tackle wars in Vietnam and Afganistan… and takes it back in time to the bad old days of Roman Britain when Scotti and Saxons were plundering the land. I got to try out a playtest copy at Prezcon and let me tell you: […]

After our first remote miniature game Sky Hernstrom and I decided to have some fun with the After Action Report (AAR) by supplementing it with fiction.   This post will serve to introduce the characters and show the game’s starting positions. One or two follow-on posts will capture the game play.       Set […]

In several of my previous articles in this space I have discussed how often war is fought on unequal terms, yet Wargames, especially tabletop Wargames, play things out with even forces. From the simple Risk to the more complex tournament games, the essentials of the Wargames which keep hobby shops alive through sales and events represent this navel-gazing viewpoint on […]

Sky Hernstrom and I were discussing the feasibility of various Play By e-Mail (PBEM) concepts for miniature wargaming and while I was mulling over issues using a “standard” rule set (two armies of at least 30 figures each, representing at least four units) Sky recommended Void Pirates. Now, Void Pirates is 180 degrees from what […]

I caught wind of a rather interesting game in production by Perry Miniatures: A travel-oriented Wargame, creatively called Travelbattle that is available now. The news has elicited a mixed reaction, as with any product which is neither completely new to the genre nor groundbreaking in a highly-significant way. The reason I chose to examine Travelbattle is that […]

My intent was not to post about Lego but I was researching a possible post on Tolkien’s The Hobbit themed games.  I remember The Battle of Five Armies set by Games Workshop (not really a GW fan but wish I picked one up) and was searching for anything good, maybe a group running a RPG incorporating […]

After The Red Storm, my dad and I continued our WW 3 series with Fifth Corps, part of the Central Front Series. Let me tell you – this game was a slog. I don’t think I’ve ever played game more stressful for the offensive player. The map is impressively large, and we actually had one […]