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John Tiller was good enough to answer a few questions about Campaign Series and I was lucky enough to interview one of the original CS scenario designers, Glenn Saunders. I have fond memories of his Tarnished Honor scenario which simulates the forlorn Canadian defense of Hong Kong.         A screenshot of the 2D map is to […]

With the possible exception of Sid Meir’s outstanding Civilization franchise I’m certain that I have played Campaign Series more than any other game and absolutely certain that I have enjoyed this game the most.     The first in the series, West Front, was released by Talonsoft in 1998.   I was excited to find a […]

If you’re looking for a relatively quick and easy trick to painting your miniatures, there’s really only one tool you need in your box – drybrushing.  It is an easy technique will give you quick results that look great on the table.  There are a host of painting methods that will add detail, depth, and […]

Like the previous article in the series, this one looks in-depth at a Wargame, trying to find elements that are interesting or good, which can be used to learn because the best games are yet to be made. The game for today is Chaos in the Old World, and was published in 2009 by Fantasy Flight […]

Schuyler Hernstrom is someone you’ll want to keep your eyes on.  New to the scene, he’s already contributed outstanding stories to Cirsova and published Thune’s Vision, a collection of fantasy tales recommended by CH Blog regulars and recently, along with previous conversation subject Misha Burnett, been listed in house as one of the best short SF/F […]

I have previously discussed the educational element of Wargames and their usefulness for all manner of extra-entertainment pursuits and virtue-building, but I would like to approach from an inverse angle this time: What can Wargames take away from games which are designed for education and classroom environments? What can Wargamers and designers learn from students’ interactions […]

You’ve got your figures.  You’ve got your basic terrain set up.  Maybe you’ve played a practice game or two.  But things still look flat and dull.  When we last left the figures, they were based, primed, and ready for paint.  Next time we’re going to look at the single most powerful painting technique that you […]

As follow ups to NATO: The Next War In Europe, my dad and I broke out two VERY different WW3 game to try out. The first was The Red Storm. This game simulates the first big push into West Germany and towards the Low Countries and France’s border, though it does so on a much […]

Last session we explored a quick and easy way to get game ready terrain for your miniature wargame. Today we’re taking things into a whole new dimension – the third dimension, to be precise.  Once again, our focus will be on a few key items that add visual interest, force player choices, and won’t break […]

After discussion amongst some of the Wargame Wednesday regulars if 3D printing has come of age for tabletop wargames and due to having spent a lot of coin on figures over the years, I decided to take a look. This excellent article summarizes the evolution of the miniature gaming up to the introduction of 3D […]

In this week’s class on tabletop miniature wargaming, you are going to learn the fundamentals of building the ground over which your miniature soldiers will fight, and upon which they will bleed. You should expect to spend no more than twenty dollars for this utilitarian terrain terrain system, which will provide countless variations capable of […]

Victory Games’ NATO: the Next War In Europe was an excellent change of pace. While each turn had a rather lengthy order of play with dozens of phases, it actually played out quite smoothly! We made a few mistakes our first time through, but it still ended up being a fun and fast-paced strategic level […]