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The primary focus of my contributions to this, the best darn science-fiction and fantasy blog on the internet, have been to search out and find the hidden gems of independently published sf/f novels for you to add to your growing “wish I had time to read it all” stack of titles.  My initial role as a […]

This is the continuation of the ASL Starter Kit scenario S24 that I previously described at Vox Popoli. As you can see Turn 3 turned out to be eventful, as my AT gun revealed itself as soon as one of the Russian tanks presented it with a clear side shot on the right flank, while […]

It’s been a good long while since the first expansion to GMT’s Space Empires: 4X rolled out. But here we are with a whole ‘nother box of awesome for the best Space Game on the market. What’s inside? Four new reference charts because the build options and tech tree have received yet another iteration. New […]

Loyal Readers, We have been in need of content for our weekly Wargame Wednesday column.  If you would like to submit an article to be included on a Wargame Wednesday please email us at wargames(at) Thank You, Wargames Editor

I’ve been playing a lot more Campaign Series since I received news concerning plans for East Front III.  This, combined with Nigel Askey’s ongoing project, is good news for all gamers interested in the Russian Front. I’m in the middle of an exciting scenario and a few screen shots of the map will serve to show aspects […]

Hat tip (and maybe eventual blame) to commentator Terry from my Avalon Hill Battle of Waterloo post.  He recommend La Bataille de la Moscowa and I recently bought three Clash of Arms games from the same series: La Bataille de les Quatre Bras, La Bataille de Ligney and La Bataille de Mont Saint Jean, which is the expansion for Ligny […]

This game is quite simply a revelation. The asymmetrical reality of counter-insurgency is here in all its glory. Powerful government troops can mass wherever the enemy appears. But though they can mow down the insurgents with impunity, guerrillas can spring up somewhere else just as fast. And the government can all too easily find its […]

A post to highlight something that definitely belongs in the “very cool” category and continues the Spanish gaming theme from my last. Carlos Royo-Villanova started collecting military miniatures in the 1960’s and wound up with a collection of over 35,000 miniatures. I haven’t been here and have to give the hat tip to Atlas Obscura, but […]

Gamers interested in Iberian/Spanish military history should look into Desperta Ferro, a Spanish military and political history magazine.  The magazine name is taken from a medieval battle cry, literally translated as “Awake Iron” (en Espanol a continuacion). I am not fluent in Spanish but upon discovering the magazine in a museum gift shop a quick […]

Conclusions The Germans either win the Battle of the Bulge early, or they lose. Much of the midgame can easily be the Allies curb-stomping the krauts. This is because the Strategic Bombing that takes place as soon as the weather clears. Once the weather clears up, the Allies will get way more planes, and if […]

Every miniature wargamer well knows the thrill of the hunt for the illusive “Perfect Skirmish Game”.  While the bulk of the sci-fi wargaming population contents itself with the 40,000-pound gorilla, or chases the latest big-box set with a two-year lifespan from one of its challengers, some of us are content to noodle around the edges […]

The multi-dimensional balancing act of wargame design has led to a proliferation of titles. The huge number of variables that have to be juggled in even the simplest of wargames presents a huge number of opportunities for wargame designers to seek out the “sweet spot” in everything from level of detail to movement schemes to […]