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After The Red Storm, my dad and I continued our WW 3 series with Fifth Corps, part of the Central Front Series. Let me tell you – this game was a slog. I don’t think I’ve ever played game more stressful for the offensive player. The map is impressively large, and we actually had one […]

In my previous article I discussed how Euro games can have much of the feel of Wargames while looking at Chaos in the Old World. This week we are looking at a Wargame set on a board instead of a traditional tabletop called Gladiator: Quest for the Rudis. It’s a kickstarted game, and while it suffers […]

I am a member of the Miniature Gaming community on Google + and recently a post grabbed my attention.  Titled 1806 Direction Iena the link took me to a blog of French wargamers,  Association – Les Riflemen.  The Iena post was an after action report accompanied by photos of nicely painted figures along with maps portraying the […]

Last week I discovered the The Big Board and after first review mentioned that most posts were not in-depth. Kevin was good enough to comment and suggested I check out his videos for his more detailed commentary. Prolific is the word to describe Kevin’s social media presence and I’d like to share. Kevin’s Twitter feed is #bigboardgaming […]

The tramp freighter plying the star lanes, struggling to make ends meet, taking on illicit cargo, avoiding the law while trying to stay one jump ahead of debt collectors…is there anything more iconic in science fiction? This is a well-tapped vein that shows up everywhere from Northwest Smith to Han Solo to Mal Reynolds.  It’s […]

Two items somewhere near the top of my bucket list is hiking the Pacific Coast Trail and organizing a multiplayer campaign using a large WW2 simulation such as SPI’s War in Europe. I mentioned the Pacific Coast Trail for a reason. My vision of an excellent campaign would be to have multiple players on each side. […]

When posting about painting miniatures I like to mention the research required for the sake of historical accuracy. Recently, I ran across this blog and recommend a few posts which provides great examples of this aspect of the hobby. Even if you have zero interest in military miniatures the informative posts are a good read. Exhibit […]

It was time to renew my subscription to Miniature Wargames Magazine and the timing was perfect for a Wargame Wednesday post. This magazine will suit all those interested in historical miniature wargaming though; not to fear, their companion magazine Tabletop Gaming focuses on SciFi and Fantasy games. From Tabletop’s 9 April issue: “Reviews including Mechs vs […]

During the Campaign Series Q&A, John Tiller mentioned Panzer Battles so I went ahead and purchased Battles of Kursk – Southern Flank and David Freer was good enough to send me Battles of Normandy. I started getting familiar with Kursk but was soon sidetracked by the free demo; mostly because of the challenge posed by […]

John Tiller was good enough to answer a few questions about Campaign Series and I was lucky enough to interview one of the original CS scenario designers, Glenn Saunders. I have fond memories of his Tarnished Honor scenario which simulates the forlorn Canadian defense of Hong Kong.         A screenshot of the 2D map is to […]

With the possible exception of Sid Meir’s outstanding Civilization franchise I’m certain that I have played Campaign Series more than any other game and absolutely certain that I have enjoyed this game the most.     The first in the series, West Front, was released by Talonsoft in 1998.   I was excited to find a […]

If you’re looking for a relatively quick and easy trick to painting your miniatures, there’s really only one tool you need in your box – drybrushing.  It is an easy technique will give you quick results that look great on the table.  There are a host of painting methods that will add detail, depth, and […]