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Colonial Twilight is a Fantastic Game –

Colonial Twilight is a Fantastic Game

Wednesday , 14, February 2018 Leave a comment

This game is quite simply a revelation.

The asymmetrical reality of counter-insurgency is here in all its glory. Powerful government troops can mass wherever the enemy appears. But though they can mow down the insurgents with impunity, guerrillas can spring up somewhere else just as fast. And the government can all too easily find its will to fight frittered away for something ephemeral.

France is also dependent on its Algerian troops and police units in maintaining control and building up support, but they are easily infiltrated and subverted. Finally, government control of a region and the overall demeanor of its populace can have both subtle and significant impacts on what can be done and where.

The best thing about this game is that the nature of the war can change with the turn of a card. Momentum events can imbalance the rules in favor of one side or the other… but they are only in effect until the next propaganda round. Do you settle for another round of tit-for-tat in some worthless backwater territory? Or do you take a temporary setback on the chance that you can pull off something glorious. It’s not an easy call to make!

If the idea of a game like this is too daunting or if you are unsure of whether you can find an opponent… never fear! The insurgents can be run by a “robot” flow chart. It can take a moment to get the hang of it, but its behavior is very instructive if you’re just beginning to wrap your head around the implications of the game’s strategies. Players with a tendency towards playing the guerrillas more or less like conventional forces will note how often the “robot” player elects to commit acts of terror.

This is one of the finest games currently on the market. Highly recommended.

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