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Saturday , 2, September 2017 1 Comment

Fans of Selenoth and quality fantasy fiction will enjoy this announcement from Castalia House editor Vox Day:

The response to the free days for A Throne of Bones and A Sea of Skulls was so great – and the consequent effects on the sales of Castalia House books and KU reads were so substantial – that we’ve elected to make Summa Elvetica & Other Stories free today and all weekend.

In not entirely unrelated news, Castalia House had its second straight record month in August. The interesting thing is that unlike in July, there was no one monster performer, just a lot of interest across the broad range of our books. This tends to indicate that more people are discovering more of our books, perhaps through Kindle Unlimited, perhaps through the Daily Meme Wars, or perhaps through conventional word of mouth.

Regardless, we appreciate your staunch support, and we are working harder than ever on bringing you high-quality fiction and non-fiction books.

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  • deuce says:

    This was a good collection. I really enjoyed it. The interface between the Elves and the pseudo-Catholic Church was quite interesting.

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