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Dark Legion Comics New Release: Gun Ghoul #1 –

Dark Legion Comics New Release: Gun Ghoul #1

Monday , 20, August 2018 5 Comments

Dark Legion Comics announces GUN GHOUL #1: Raising the Dead by Will Caligan.

Someone – or something – is taking out the crime lords of Chicago.

Agent Justice of the FBI is on the case. She is a Meta Prime, with the ability to see into the past. But not even her ability to see what happened allows her to explain the impossible. And the FBI is not the only agency that is interested in learning more about the new player in town.

Will Caligan is the military veteran who was deplatformed by SJWs at his publisher earlier this year. He is now publishing with Dark Legion Comics, which will be releasing his Gun Ghoul and Techlore comics this fall as well as working with him on his new projects.

  • Jay DiNitto says:

    This looks like it will scratch an itch. Will buy.

  • David says:

    Since this is Dark Legion comics, I can infer that the story about Gun Ghoul will not be set in the AltHero setting.

    Looks very cool and I will pick up a physical copy.

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