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Dark Legion Comics New Release: GUN GHOUL #4 –

Dark Legion Comics New Release: GUN GHOUL #4

Friday , 31, August 2018 Leave a comment

The initial conclusion of Will Caligan’s illustrated story of a supernatural search for justice comes with Gun Ghoul #4.

The Crimson Hood, a psychopath Meta Prime hired by Chicago crime lord Mr. Steele, has proven to be more powerful than the Gun Ghoul and revealed him to be little more than an ordinary man. But the FBI is still on the case, and the agency has a Meta Prime of its own in play. The fourth and final issue of Gun Ghoul: Raising the Dead is packed full of surprising twists and unexpected revelations.

From the reviews of the previous issue:

  • Gun Ghoul 3 kicks it up a notch by introducing a new awesome villain. This issue keeps the action, suspense, and intrigue going. I can’t wait for the 4th issue!
  • Keeps getting better! Suspense is killing me, need to make these issues longer! Very well done story and art, Can’t wait till #4.
  • So by this point in the arc we meet Gun Ghoul’s match, and he is one twisted mother. Definitely shades of Joker and Carnage to this guy. Lots of good action and more is revealed in this issue. I’m just sad that Gun Ghoul is soon ending, I want to see more of him and could see an ongoing series.
  • Crimson Hood steals the show! We are introduced to the meta prime Crimson Hood who is full on psycho with a dark sense of humor. I look forward to how GG will deal with something way more challenging than the various humans he has tangled with.
  • Comic books like bullets on autofire. And it continues to be good fun with a freaky villain introduced.
And there will be a further twist, a very much unexpected one, when the print edition comes out soon. Think back to the green-and-purple days, my friends.

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