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Monday , 28, August 2017 4 Comments

Another solid episode of Geek Gab is here!

  • Meet David J. West!
  • Find out why his Brutal is neither Epic nor Grimdark!
  • Learn how to use Amazon key words to find your audience!
  • Hear his take on why “Indie” publishing is a recapitulation of the pulp era!

Listen to the whole thing!

  • deuce says:

    This was a great episode. I’ve known David via the Net for about 8yrs. Very cool to finally hear his voice IRL. A fine writer and a big REH fan. We need more like him.

    DWP’s rant was excellent.

  • Sam says:

    Space marine midwives.

    Well, I told my daughter today, that it’s always heartening to hear ones commercial rivals are idiots.

    Not only are they not publishing what their increasingly ex customers want to read, they are squandering huge quantities of capital on vanity.

    Roll on the revolution.

    I read Brutal the other day, it’s good entertaining stuff but it could be a bit leaner, IMO. Not that I want to lecture my grandmother on the subject of sucking eggs, just my thoughts as a new reader of Mr West; either the rogue lizard or one round of the play-them-off could have been chopped out, the remainder would have been gained a bit of pace thereby.

    I enjoyed his strong style and shameless love of metaphor and simile. I thought he could have played even more with that for foreshadowing and the like.

    In any case, an entertaining read, the characters were strong and easy to track, the minor villains got proper Hollywood minor villain supporting roles rather than being faceless mooks, and the spaghetti western flavour went surprisingly well with heroic fantasy.

    I’d call it heroic fantasy and maybe tag Gemmel.

  • Thanks for listening, guys!

  • Sam says:

    Geek Gab and OnThe Books are now never-miss listening for me, Mr Niemeier.

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