Fantasy New Releases: 2 October 2021

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This week’s new releases are fill with vengeful spirits, apprentice alchemists, Israeli soldiers stranded in new worlds, and more.

Alchemist Adept (The Alchemist #4) – D. K. Holmberg and Dan Michaelson

Sam must master his connection to the source—and understand alchemy—if he wants to save the Academy.

Sam had come to the Academy powerless and used his wits to keep his place until learning that he can command a different magic. With the Nighlan attacking along the border of the city in the hopes of freeing Rasan Tel, Academy students are called upon to fight.

Having used his power to protect the Academy, Sam finds himself in a new struggle. Somehow, he has to balance his classes, lessons with a new alchemy instructor, all while working on a secret assignment in the war against the Nighlan.

As he begins to learn the truths of alchemy and his unique connection to power, Sam knows that he holds a key to stopping the fighting, but only if he can master his power.

The lessons he needs can’t be found in books, and the only person with the knowledge he needs is the same person he must defeat.

Dark Mountain (Dragon Wars #20) – Craig Halloran

As one well-planned attempt to destroy Black Frost fails after the other, he only grows in power.

Grey Cloak and Dyphestive have tried everything to bring their greatest enemy to a dead halt. With one final valiant effort, against impossible odds, they lead Talon and the Children of Cinder into the greatest battle of their lives that can only end in their inevitable massacre.

Will the Blood Brothers think of something in time, or will the fate of the world and all mankind be crushed in Black Frost’s talons and scorched to death in the fires of dragons all consuming breath?

Light Unto Another World #2 – Yakov Merkin

Sometimes, the right choice is not an easy one to make. But even when it is, the right choice is often not the easy one. But when one knows right from wrong, the choice is clear.

Uriel Makkis didn’t know what to expect when he finally met the king of Fulnar, apart from learning exactly why he had been pulled to this new world.

He did not expect to become an immediate enemy of the state.

The twin revelations that he was summoned to be used as a weapon of conquest, and that his fellow Swords were evil people from back on Earth, however, made that inevitable.

Without intending to do so, Uriel finds himself embroiled in a far larger conflict, one that has the potential to alter the balance of power on this alien world. Knowing that his new friends stand on one side, with their enemies, and his own enemies from Earth on the other, Uriel doesn’t need to think long about what he will do. However, as he throws himself into the fight alongside his rebel friends, it also becomes clear how outmatched they are.

But for a Jewish soldier, fighting in the face of bad odds is nothing new. The only way to move is forward.

Ruin of Kings (King’s League #3) – Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney

Party at Dawnshire.

Graydon’s Armor is bestowing its power on players throughout King’s League, and not all of them think like Dirk.

When a vicious player-killer begins to wreak havoc in his own corner of King’s League, Dirk decides that the only way he can put a stop to it is by gathering up his friends and creating a balanced party capable of standing up against some of the game’s toughest challenges.

As Dirk helps Stoneburner and others level up to survive the coming encounter, he discovers that finding Graydon’s Sight wasn’t just good luck…it was the start of a game-changing development that will impact every player in King’s League!

Spirits of Vengeance – Rob J. Hayes

He’ll die as many times as it takes.

The Ipian Empire was once a land that welcomed dragons and spirits alike, but a century of war and bloodshed saw them all but vanish. Now, the lost things are returning and the Onryo have gathered. Five legendary spirits with mysterious powers, bent on freeing an ancient evil that would wreak havoc on humanity.

Haruto swore his soul to the God of Death for the chance to hunt down the vengeful ghost of his wife. Now an onmyoji, he’s tasked by the Imperial Throne to hunt down monsters and malicious spirits. But he knows not all spirits are evil and not all deserve the peace of the sword.

Kira is a student at Heiwa, an academy for children with dangerous techniques. But she has a secret, she’s not like the other students. When the school is attacked, she flees with one of the tutors, determined to hide both from those who would kill her, and those who would use her.

As a plague of spirits sweeps across the land, the Onryo leave a bloody trail for Haruto to follow. But who’s hunting who?

The Wasting Desert – David V. Stewart

For Millenia, the Wasting Desert has stood as an impassable barrier between the kingdoms of the Divine Strand and the ancient Draesenith Empire. Those who enter never return to say why it cannot be crossed.

Alastan, a disgraced soldier and merchant, believes he can cross to the empire and return, bringing with him a valuable secret that will allow him to settle his debts and repair his tattered life. Guiding him is the enigmatic dark elf Mondal and the warrior-mage Thokar, himself a descendant of the empire’s strange race of giants. They alone know the secret of the blasted miles of sand.

Once they enter, they soon find that the ever-shifting paths of the desert are but one hazard. Phantoms and forgotten spirits wander, lost and hungry for the human soul. But, within the shifting sands and ruins, too, lives an ancient terror far more dangerous than lost souls—a horror that frightens even the mighty Thokar and the ageless killer Mondal.

And the only escape is through to the other side.

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