Fantasy New Releases: 30 March 2019

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Monster tamers, sellswords, stranded heroes, and transhuman mages feature in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in fantasy.

Bridge of Realms (The Stalwart Link #2) – B.T. Narro 

There is no calm after the storm. But there is perseverance, ingenuity, and a whole lot of courage.

Leo’s life has been dismantled. Now with his father missing, he must rely on himself more than ever, but he’s still young. His older brother does what he can to help, but soon even Andar will rely on Leo to free them from this nightmare. The king’s army is taking over the city, against the wishes of every citizen, but there’s something special about Leo that might change everything.

Leo must grow up quickly to achieve his potential, but at a cost. He must join the very people who could destroy everything he cares about.

Emperor (Monster Tamer #4) – Isaac Hooke

Malem’s back, and he’s free of Vorgon and all things demon.

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. His newly acquired army is building a city for him and his companions in the forest. He hasn’t figured out how he’s going to pay his soldiers, but he’s confident things will work out: he has a few princesses and queens serving on his personal advisory board, after all, and they have some experience in nation building (among other special talents).

He also has a couple of new women who’ve recently joined his team, and they need to be brought up to speed, in more ways than one.

But it isn’t all fun and games in the Kingdom of Malem. Building a new city in the heart of monster territory is bound to attract some attention, and not the good kind. So when he faces a large-scale attack from an unknown enemy, it doesn’t really come as a surprise.

To stave off this latest threat, Malem must once more don his Breaker’s hat and return to the fray with his lovely companions.

Journey of a Betrayed Hero: Volume 1 – Brandon Varnell

After being betrayed by the very kingdom he saved, Jacob Stone forsook his title of Hero. Now he lives the simple life of a barkeep. Yet even that life is irrevocably erased when a young woman named Enyo appears before him.

She claims to be the daughter of the former Dark Lord and has come seeking his aid. He’d normally never consider lending her a hand, but when she tells him that she knows of a way for him to return home, he’s left with little recourse.

His journey will take him across the kingdom of Terrasole, toward the place where it all began. If he succeeds, he’ll return to the home he’d been stolen from. If he fails… well, he won’t live long enough to regret failing.

Nefarius (The Magitech Chronicles #6) – Chris Fox 

Every victory comes with a price.

Krox’s assault on Shaya has been foiled, but the cost was bitter. Ternus lies in ruins, its gravity doubled by a god. Shaya is a paradise, but one populated by a mere handful of survivors. Only one power strong enough to oppose Krox remains… The Last Dragonflight.

Aran and his Outriders travel to Virkon to wake Virkonna, praying that she will join the war on their side. But neither Krox nor Nebiat is the true threat. Nefarius’s rebirth has been carefully orchestrated, and is finally at hand.

When the dust settles gods will die. Heroes will fall. The sector will never be the same.

A Sellsword’s Mercy (The Seven Virtues #6) – Jacob Peppers

Aaron and his companions have been saved from Kevlane’s creatures only to find themselves in the power of the Akalians, a shadowy group of warriors many believe aren’t men at all, but creatures of nightmare bent on blood and death.

But not all the shadows’ secrets are evil ones, and allies are often found in the unlikeliest of places.

In Baresh, the tournament has begun, and the ancient mage, Kevlane, adds more twisted creatures to his army, fashioning a force the likes of which the world has never seen.

Meanwhile, Grinners sows seeds of distrust in Perennia, turning the city against its would-be saviors, against itself. As suspicion spreads, neighbor turns against neighbor, friend against friend. Blades are drawn in dark alleyways and well-lit taverns alike, and the world’s last bastion of hope totters on the brink of destruction, a knife held at its own throat.

If Perennia is to be saved from the approaching threat, then its salvation will come not from great kings or queens, but at the hands of ordinary men and women, many whose hands are long-stained with the blood of innocents.

The Shadow Of Fallen Gods (Wounds in the Sky #2) – V. R. Cardoso

Aric may have found a new home and a new family in the desert, but once more, the emperor rears his ugly head. This time his Paladins are coming to seize not only the Guild, but Aric himself. Meanwhile, in the north, as Cassia flees the imperial hounds close on her heels, Fadan seeks the support of a rebellion fragmented by politics and personal interests.

However, it is not just the wars of men that threaten the world of Arkhemia. Eliran, on a mission to assassinate Head-Archon Astoreth, discovers that the Circle is in possession of an ancient artifact created by the gods themselves.

Winds of war are rising, and in the coming chaos, the Circle’s sinister plans can only blossom. Can they be stopped? Is it already too late?

Trying Times (The Valens Legacy #14) – Jan Stryvant

As if Sean doesn’t have enough problems, is seems that the crazies have finally decided to take him on. Whether it’s fanatics who think he’s the devil incarnate, or just people looking for any excuse to spread carnage, they’ve decided that Sean and the lycans present a problem that needs to be eliminated.

Then there’s that leak in Washington, apparently they didn’t remove all of the demonic influences from D.C. like they thought they had.

But even with this added complication to the war, Sean’s still very happy to be home once again and back in the arms of his loving wives and family. Estrella’s also happy to be back on the side of the gateway on which she belongs, not to mention having finally found a husband and a family. Though things may have changed just a little bit since she left.

Viridian Gate Online: Dead Man’s Tide (The Illusionist Book 2) – D.J. Bodden and James Hunter

Viridian Gate Online is more than just a game… and now, it’s Alan Campbell’s whole world.

Recently deceased and squishy as hell, Alan, a newly minted Illusionist, is forced to flee for his life. He needs time to deal with his loss, both in-game and IRL, but first he’ll have to escape his crazy ex, the treacherous Firebrand, Thalia Daceran.

On his way to safety and revenge, he’ll team up with Titus, the Imperial spymaster, as well as a crew of pirates, commandos, and even a shapeshifting Mimic with a taste for blood. His path leads to Wyrdtide, a gaslit city hidden in mists and governed by dark demigods.

But even with Alan dead, the world marches on. Will the government seize control of V.G.O.? Did Horace, the blind beggar, really die? And whatever happened to Jeff? Find answers, new purpose, and the machinations of the gods in this action-packed continuation of the Illusionist Series.

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