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For the Backers: Alt★Hero #1: CRACKDOWN –

For the Backers: Alt★Hero #1: CRACKDOWN

Thursday , 17, May 2018 10 Comments

We are very pleased to be able to finally announce that the digital edition of Alt★Hero #1: CRACKDOWN has been released to the backers of the Alt★Hero project.

The digital edition is in the MOBI format, which will work on your Kindle. You can also use download the free Kindle Previewer for Windows  or Macintosh to read the digital edition on your computer. This is the same file that will be released for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited next week, we’re just getting it out early to the backers.

We anticipate having the first print edition out in about two weeks. It will retail for $3 and will be in the same royal octavo size as the Quantum Mortis and Jeeves comic books. French, German, and Italian editions will soon follow.

Please feel free to discuss the first issue of Alt★Hero in the Alt★Hero Forums. We look forward to hearing your reactions. Thanks to all the backers who have made this possible, and thanks to the Arkhaven team, especially Cliff Cosmic and Matteo Mystic, for all their hard work in bringing this from concept to comic book.

  • Lou says:

    Please release these as PDF or CBR files. It would be a lot more convenient to read for me.

  • Runar says:

    Where can I buy the digital versions? And how many issues are currently available?

  • Lou says:

    Thanks for the repky Nathan, great news!

  • Donovan Hinch says:

    Hey Nathan, I just got back and tried to download the backers copy and the link is dead ending to A 404 PAGE. Is the link down permanently now or did it just get moved somewhere new?

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