Forgotten Sword and Sorcery Artists: Carl Lundgren

Sunday , 23, July 2017 1 Comment

Carl Lundgren (born 1947) is an artist who you probably have seen but did not realize who he is. He started out in the mid 1970s with a post-Frazetta style for the first printings of the first two Horseclans books by Robert Adams.

These covers in my opinion are superior to the later Ken Kelly covers with their Mr. Universe posing. Lungren illustrates dynamic action going on.

Lundgren also did some covers for the cheesy “Richard Blade” series. He also produced a cover for Pinnacle’s reprints of the Harold Lamb histories in the late 1970s.

Suleiman the Magnificent

Unfortunately, this style did not last long. He is something of a chameleon transitioning to a type of generic fantasy graphic presentation for the 1980s.

David Hartwell at Pocket Books used Carl Lundren a fair amount for more generic looking fantasy covers with unicorns and dragons. Dragons appear to be a specialty of Lundgren.

He did manage to paint a good cover for the first paperback edition of Glen Cook’s The Swordbearer.

Richard Blade

Lundgren was a fixture of fantasy covers though the 1980s. He dwindled away after 1989. His website states he went into ‘fine art.”



I like those covers to the Horseclans paperbacks. I would have liked to see more in that style.

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