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Forthcoming: Straight Out of Tombstone –

Forthcoming: Straight Out of Tombstone

Thursday , 22, December 2016 2 Comments

A visit to Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation site had this forthcoming book listed. I am always up for a weird western. The form has pulp roots with stories by Otis Adelbert Kline, S. Omar Barker, and Arthur J. Burks in the pages of Weird Tales and Strange Tales. Robert E. Howard wrote a handful of stories, enough that he is often credited with founding the genre.

Joe Lansdale resuscitated the genre with the anthology Razored Saddles (1989), his fiction including Dead in the West, and his comic work on Jonah Hex in the 1990s (with Tim Truman).

Larry Correia’s story is the earliest setting for Monster Hunter Nation.

Amazon has Straight Out of Tombstone listed for a July, 2017 release. The price is listed as $11.07, so this is probably going to be a trade paperbacks. Baen is producing the best themed anthologies the last few years.straight-out-of-tombstone


Forward                                                                                       David Boop
Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers            Larry Correia
Trouble in an Hourglass                                                        Jody Lynn Nye
The Buffalo Hunters                                                              Sam Knight
The Sixth World                                                                   Robert E. Vardeman
Easy Money                                                                           Phil Foglio
The Wicked Wild                                                                 Nicole Kurtz
Chance Corrigan and the Lord of the Underworld        Michael A. Stackpole
The Greatest Guns in the Galaxy                                   Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Ken Scholes
Dance of Bones                                                                  Maurice Broaddus
Dry Gulch Dragon                                                             Sarah A. Hoyt
The Treefold Problem                                                       Alan Dean Foster
Fountains of Blood                                                             David Lee Summers
High Midnight                                                                   Kevin J. Anderson
Coyote                                                                                Naomi Brett Rourke
The Key                                                                             Peter J. Wacks
Fistful of Warlocks                                                        Jim Butcher

  • LastRedoubt says:

    While ADF can rightly be castigated for some of his movie Tie-in work, and the mess he made of later Flinx and some of the Humanx books, he was almost always an enjoyable read. His “Why Johnny Can’t Drive” was one of the inspirations for Car Wars, and one of his excellent anthologies, either “With Friends Like These” or “Who Needs Enemies” had a weird west story in it.

    • T. Everett says:

      In fact, he’s got a number of Weird West stories all following a character called Mad Amos, which were collected in a book of the same title. I read it years ago and actually picked up a copy of my own not that long ago, but before I heard that he was going to be making an appearance in this collection. I’m almost as excited for that as I am for Bubba Shackleford and for the Butcher story (which will, I believe, be the first Dresden Files Universe story to take place outside of Harry’s own lifetime)(Unless you count that one book he spent as a ghost).

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