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Geek Gab’s Old School Revival RPG Special! –

Geek Gab’s Old School Revival RPG Special!

Friday , 28, April 2017 5 Comments

Okay, this is a really great show. I find it absolutely fascinating how people can have such completely different understandings of role-playing games even when they’re are more or less working from the same reference points. Getting these sorts of perspectives side by side and in conversation with each other is awesome.

One funny bit, though: after the show I gave the host Dorinal a link to Cirsova’s awesome 5e to OSR/Old School Conversion PDF. He gushed for about five minutes about how kind it was of me to point this out to him as it was exactly the sort of thing he was looking for in his campaign.

Then he opened the PDF.


Anyway, check out all of these great resources. And listen to the whole show!

  • deuce says:

    I got to catch this live for the first time last night. Tons o’ fun.

  • Yeah, I stayed up until 1am listening to this one; the fun was pretty infectious.

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