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Introducing Arkhaven Comics –

Introducing Arkhaven Comics

Monday , 8, January 2018 6 Comments

Arkhaven is the new Castalia House imprint which will be responsible for publishing comics and graphic novel series like Alt★Hero, Alt★Hero Avalon, QUANTUM MORTIS, and Wodehouse, among others. It will be publishing in both digital and print editions, and we’re pleased to announce that the first Arkhaven digital comic is now available today: QUANTUM MORTIS A Man Disrupted #1: “By the Book”

Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower is a ruggedly handsome military policeman who hates aliens. Fortunately, as a member of His Grace’s Military Crimes Investigation Division – Xenocriminology and Alien Relations, he gets to arrest a lot of them. Sometimes he even gets to shoot them.

But while he doesn’t like aliens, Chief Tower does very much like Detector Derin Hildreth of the Trans Paradis Police Department, who is unmistakably human. So when Tower has the chance to investigate the mysterious murder of an alien on the streets of Trans Paradis with her, he’s not about to miss the opportunity. Especially when their mutual investigation just might give him the excuse to shoot an alien or three.

Issue #1 is 29 pages, retails for $2.99 at Amazon, and is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you want to check out the interior artwork, click inside and you can see the first few pages. The style is very retro Dick Tracy, which is decidedly out-of-fashion today, but then, it also lacks transgender minority superheroes and lectures about the importance of equality. We did say we were going old school, you may recall.

The first 24-page print edition will be available in February and we’re planning to have Issue #2 out in digital then as well. Since we’re new to producing comics, we’re using the QM series as a point man of sorts in order to avoid making any serious mistakes with Alt★Hero production. But no worries, we are still on track to have three of the first A★H digital editions out to the backers in February.

We also have a new line of Arkhaven t-shirts available at Crypto.Fashion, including both first official Alt★Hero Captain Europa t-shirt and the first official Alt★Hero Rebel t-shirt. Posters and more will be available there soon.

  • Norm Karsh says:

    I’m a screenplay writer/ cartoonist/ comic strip writer. I’d be interested in scripting a comic series. Here is a link to some of my single panel comic work. I’m much more comfortable writing full scripts, but I’m a slow cartoonist, so draw single panel cartoons, and save longer scripts to be made into films.

    Some of my comic work:

    Links to some of the film work I have scripted:

    Norm Karsh / The Vice Admiral

  • Colin Gough says:

    Greetings, Longtime Infowarrior here. Got my copy of Alt*Hero today. #2 is on it’s way. Regarding the printing. I think we can save you some money in the long run. Increase the print quality and make production runs more affordable. If someone can reach out, I’d love to help the cause.

    Colin Gough
    Spectragraphic, Inc.

  • Hi Vox, Donald Jackson of Art Right Magazine and American Zarathustra here. Jon Del Arroz has asked me to illustrate his next comic crowdfunder. You may know I’ve got two Alt Comics online right now and one of my fans suggested I propose them to you. As we are all converging on building this Comics Gate wave, I thought it was a good idea. American Zarathustra and Brain-Boy are the two I’m proposing (I’ve done many other comics since 2003).

    Standing by – Don

  • Anthony Sturniolo says:

    Where’s the Big Bear story?

  • Sgt Grumble says:

    Telling me a dude is ruggedly handsome is neither necessary nor enticing.

  • Chad Beexh says:

    I would like to but the goat leather books with gold edged pages. Where do I go to get them?

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