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Introducing Castalia House Classics –

Introducing Castalia House Classics

Thursday , 28, August 2014 1 Comment

Castalia HTPM_256ouse was created to publish books that are written in a manner that is respectful and appreciative of the classic canons of science fiction and fantasy. But thanks to the movement of most of the mainstream SF publishers away from those canons, and also to the vagaries of the publishing business, many of classic works are no longer readily available. So, we are pleased to announce our Castalia House Classics line, which consists of previously published books that we consider to be well-worth reading by modern science fiction and fantasy fans. Castalia House Classics will, for the most part, be available only from the Castalia House store.

FOTM_256The first two Classics are both by Jeff Sutton. THE PROGRAMMED MAN is a particular favorite of our editors, and will be recognized as the book that served as the foundation for the literary remix that resulted in QUANTUM MORTIS A Mind Programmed. But the original, co-written with his wife, is without question well worth reading, and those who have read the QUANTUM MORTIS book will likely find it fascinating to learn which elements were contained in the original and which were added later. The second book, FIRST ON THE MOON, is arguably an even better novel even if it lacks the breathtaking twist that captured the imaginations of at least two young science fiction aficionados many years ago, and combines space exploration with military action on the Moon.

THE PROGRAMMED MAN and FIRST ON THE MOON both sell for $3.99 and are now available.

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