January 2018 Anthologies

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Broadswords and Blasters #4

In this fantastic issue you will be introduced to the most badass grandmother that has ever existed in print, a retro space opera adventure about a two-fisted blaster wielding pilot, an epistolary tale of the corrupting influence of depraved love, and a new adventure for Benedict Arnold, Josh Gibson, and Genghis Khan in an afterlife of their own making.

You’ll also be taken on a journey through the sewers of Paris where tentacled creatures reside, meet a cross-dressing French spy plying his trade for Louis XV, follow a body-hopping demon across a Wild West that may or may not be our own, and catch up with a world-weary detective tricked into solving a case when he’d rather be watching the Yankees and getting drunk.

*     *     *      *      *

Bridge Across the Stars

The universe is dangerous, wondrous—a vast canvas upon which humanity sketches its hopes for the future.

In this anthology, you’ll find seventeen tales of conflict and heroism, exploration and discovery, endurance and triumph. Flee the apocalypse of modern-day Earth, fly a fighter in the cold emptiness of deep space, and find new life on the distant shores of an alien world. You might even discover something about yourself as each author opens a window on the soul of mankind. Who are we, really? Should we survive? How do we become something greater without losing what makes us human?

Open this collection and take your first steps into tomorrow. Travel the cosmos to find amazing adventure. Walk beside unforgettable characters on the bridge across the stars…

*     *     *      *      *

Planetary: Mercury


Innermost of worlds, blasted by the sun by day and frozen by night, Mercury remains an enigma. Mythical Mercury was also the messenger and trickster, and known for blazing speed and wit.

Throughout history, the planets of our solar system have meant many things to many people; Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance.

Here are thirteen tales of science-fiction and the fantastic featuring Mercury. Included in this volume are:

In the Palace of Promised Immortality by John C. Wright
The Element of Transformation by L. Jagi Lamplighter
The Haunted Mines of Mercury by Joshua M. Young
mDNA by Misha Burnett
Cucurbita Mercurias by Dawn Witzke

*     *     *      *      *

Stupefying Stories #19

Rampant Loon Press is excited to announce the release of Stupefying Stories #19, featuring the terrific new cover story, COMMUNION, by Fi Michell. Also included:

HORNS OF A PARADOX • by Julie Frost
THE BONE MERCHANT • by Robert Luke Wilkins
DOGS AND MONSTERS • by Harold R. Thompson
…and more!

Always exciting and entertaining, never predictable, Stupefying Stories is the terrific new reading you’ve been looking for!


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