John C. Wright’s SUPERLUMINARY is Coming!

Thursday , 19, May 2016 Leave a comment

John C. Wright has a new book on the way. This one’s going to be delivered a little differently, but have no fear. This isn’t like all those other Patreons out there. The posts are all going to be public, so he’s basically using it as a sort of “pay what you want” platform.

But the story…?

Lord Tellus (as he calls himself) imprints each of his children with a different branch of the alien science, but the whole of it is taught to none. These Lords of Creation (as they call themselves) are commanded to create life on each of the worlds and moons of the solar system. Scores of artificial intelligent races are fashioned, who adore the children as godlike. The secret of faster than light drive Lord Tellus keeps to himself: mankind he keeps in the solar system. But what is his reason?

He goes mad, and his children rise up in rebellion, and he vanishes, leaving behind mysteries and guesses.

This is exactly the same sort of epic science fiction that is infuses Marc Miller’s Secret of the Ancients, Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber, Philip José Farmer’s The World of Tiers, and even one of Tom Moldvay’s more unusual role-playing games.

And no, nobody makes stuff like that anymore. But it’s so awesome, I’m not at all surprised to see reactions like this:

Yeah, I’ll be reading this one just to gain insight into why my vintage role-playing games are as crazy as they are. Lookin’ forward to this!

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