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Friday , 20, January 2017 8 Comments

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  • Roy says:

    I do like the old pulp fiction books. I was reading them when they came out.

  • Ed Kenik says:

    Some classic SciFi and Fantasy books are difficult to find in east TN.


    True pulp style fiction would be very welcome.

  • Jeffrey Scudder says:

    Send me information on what format to use or how to submit a book for your publication.
    I’m an author and fan too.
    Jeff Scudder

  • Phil Hoff says:

    I’m delighted with what you are doing because “flawed heroes” are not what will set an example worth emulating for our children and “kinda bad” villains are apparently designed to make us more tolerant of criminals – including those in the public eye.

  • David Harner says:

    I would love to be notified of Audible releases only. They are the needle in the haystack of Kindle releases.

  • Perry Branson says:

    A number of children’s books were re-edited (ie, dumbed down) in the 90s and again (to make them more woke) in the 00’s, as far as I’ve been able to determine. I’d like to find copies of the original versions of Tom Swift and The Hardy Boys for the grandkids, for two examples, but tough to find.

  • Bob Dively says:

    I am really looking forward to reading the new Hallpike book.

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