Junior Classics 2020 now on Amazon

Tuesday , 2, February 2021 3 Comments

The first three volumes of the 2020 edition of the Junior Classics are now available at Castalia Direct as well as on Amazon. The digital editions will be made available after they are sent to the backers. They are an ideal resource for homeschoolers.

The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, stories, and poems, both ancient and modern, suitable for boys and girls of from six to sixteen years of age. The boy or girl who becomes familiar with the charming tales and poems in this collection will have gained a knowledge of literature and history that will be of high value in other school and home work. Here are the real elements of imaginative narration, poetry, and ethics, which should enter into the education of every child.

  • Gilbert says:

    Sorry to just comment here, but I can’t get a response from the help@arkhavencomics.com address. I’m still waiting on a backer’s edition ordered in November. Vox mentioned some delays in early January, but I’m assuming most of those copies have been/are being sent out now that these editions are commercially available.

    Any help or directing to a contact would be much appreciated!

    • Nathan says:

      For issues concerning Castalia House crowdfunding projects, please email voxday-at-protonmail-dot-com, after replacing the proper characters, of course. Please include your crowdfunding supporter number, if you still have access to it.

  • Andrew says:

    Hi, great job collating and reissuing the junior classics. I would like to buy the library, however, it doesn’t look like you ship to the EU. Please contact me if you’re able to ship to the EU via another platform.

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