JUST RELEASED: A Rambling Wreck by Hans G. Schantz

Tuesday , 4, July 2017 4 Comments

He’s a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech!

Off to college for the education he’ll need to defeat the guardians of the hidden truth, Peter must infiltrate a deadly conspiracy, thwart an attempted social justice takeover of the school, save his professors from assassination, and somehow find time to study for finals.

The stakes are now higher than ever. To succeed, Peter must discover who burned down the Tolliver Library, find new allies in his fight, and secure the assistance of the legendary George P. Burdell himself.

Hans G. Schantz is a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and emerging science fiction writer. He is the author of the Amazon top-ten alternate history science fiction techno- thriller, The Hidden Truth, currently on sale for 99 cents, and the sequel, released on July 1, A Rambling Wreck.

Both books are free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. If you want to see if subscribing is right for you, can get a Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial.

  • Man of the Atom says:

    Excellent series so far! A commenter on Gab favorably compared “The Hidden Truth” to the Heinlein Juveniles. I concur and heartily recommend it!

    The only problem with Book 2 is that it is in line behind so many other good books on my reading list!

  • Scott Cole says:

    Even if you are not interested in the book George P. Burdell’s story is a good one!

  • Stanley Miller says:

    The Hidden Truth, volume one of this series, is on sale for $0.99 at Amazon for a couple days in Kindle format.

  • Thanks for the kind words, Man of the Atom, and for the signal boost, Jeffro. Now’s a good time to get into the series with the first book on sale for 99 cents. If you’re a fan of George P. Burdell, I think you’ll appreciate how I worked him into the plot.

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